Friday, September 14, 2012

Totally Random Cause You Never Blog Anymore

This post is going to fall into the "Better Late Than Never" category. Or maybe the "Totally Random Cause You Never Blog Anymore" category.  I don't even have categories, but whatever!   I'm going with Totally  Random Cause You Never Blog Anymore.  It has a nice ring to it. 

Let's start out with some random pictures...

This is Harry on the first day of school.  That was three weeks ago.  It was very early because he was heading to Cross Country practice.  The picture was taken with my phone because Hubby had our good camera at the beach taking pictures of the hurricane.   My big boy starting his Junior year of high school  Let's compare to last year, shall we?

He looks so young in this picture. Now he is getting all manly and stuff.  Okay, this makes me want to take his picture with my good camera by that very wreath to see how much he has grown.  I will make him do that tomorrow.  He will love it.  I am certain.

Chip on the first day of school!  Also, three weeks ago.  He is heading in to fifth grade, sporting his new braces, looking like a Boss!  Let's flashback to last year, shall we?

My little cherub!  He is not really a cherub, but he can sure look like one when he turns on his sad eyes. Oh my goodness, my babies are growing up. 

School is going well for both boys so far.  Chip has Ms. Harden as his teacher.  She is a good friend of mine.  In fact, she was at his baby shower before he was born.  She has known him forever.  He is totally digging fifth grade.  They got a new class pet this week.  It is a hamster and her name is Honey.  He is doing safety patrol and loves being the greeter in the morning.  Chip has also started playing baseball again. They are just practicing now, but will start playing in a couple of weeks.  He is back to working for our nice neighbor, Ms. Judy.  Letting her dogs out in the afternoon a couple days a week, making a little money.  He saved up enough money to buy a giant lego set that he is working on with his dad as I type.  They have a whole lego building bond going on.  It is great.

We thought Harry's Junior year was going to be a piece of cake.  He has an off period (which he LOVES) so he only has seven subjects.  Several of them are slam dunk classes, but whew that Pre-AP Physics and AP English may be the two hardest classes he has had yet.  He seems to be holding his own so that is great!  He is running cross country and has really shaved some time off his Personal Record.  He also auditioned this week for the school Christmas play which is going to be "Tuna Christmas".  It is a comedy about a little red neck town in Texas.  The boys dress up as old women in the play.  He said it was really funny and he loved the radio announcer part that he read for.  He made the call backs on Thursday, went to more auditions yesterday.  The final cast will be decided on next week.  Fingers crossed that he gets a part.  In other news he hit a bird while driving his car today.  He pulled over, called me and said "Mom, do I need to pick it up or anything?"  I have never hit a bird.  I told him just to leave it and come on home.  Is that the right answer?

Here are a few more pictures from his Cross Country Meets.

Harry and Hunter...those uniforms are almost obscene with their shorty shorts.

 This is what they call "Broga".  It is like Yoga, but for Bro's.  Down to the earth....

Reach up high to the sky.  Good stretch.  Look like a bunch of weirdees, but they don't care a bit.

Harry at the super, stifling hot meet last week.

This morning it was a rainy, chilly mud pit!  Rained all night last night, rained all day today.  He ran at 8:00 this morning and was covered in mud.  He did 2 miles in 12 minutes and change.  Isn't that crazy.  It was a full minute behind some of these other fellows.  They are really good runners.  Varsity Boys came in first place today and JV Boys got second!  Go Boys!

Random topic change...I have made two big pots of these turnip greens.  Never in my life have I made turnip greens and now I just can't get enough of them.  They have Wasabi Powder in them.  Spicy!  They are so good!  Make yourself some!

Weight Loss Update....I have been down to a max of 68 pounds lost...but for the last couple of weeks I have jumped up and down a pound or two.  Aggravating.  I are ready to get to 70.  I am eating clean, exercising regularly and it is coming off slowly but surely.  Just going to keep eating this way till...forever.  Today, after standing out in that crazy, wet rain for four hours I was desperately craving a pastry.  Any kind of baked good.  A blue berry muffin, banana bread, a cinnamon roll.  Just something.  I didn't have one, but I wanted it. Weird.

I am sporting some new clothes that my friend Connie gave me.  Loving them. 

Random topic change....Crazy Busy at work.  Putting in Full Time - Over Time - Waking Me Up in the middle of the night Time.  It will probably last a couple more weeks and then hopefully get back to normal.

Switch again...Bible Study is back!  We are doing another Beth Moore study.  It is at my house so that means I am cleaning like a fool.  It feels so good to have my house clean on Monday morning, get a little God and a little girl time to kick off the week.

Side note....(I know I don't have to keep giving you a heads up when I am switching topics, but I kinda like it!)  I made a Pumpkin Oatmeal Casserole that I found on Pinterest for Bible Study.  It was a clean, gluten free recipe with organic pumpkin, steel cut oatmeal, almond milk, honey, and some other stuff.  It was pretty tasty.

And here we go again.....I had my Lakeside visit this week.  We made scarecrows and Frankensteins.  I got the scarecrow kits from Oriental Trading.

Hello Fall Fellow! 

I made this one up and Hubby helped me put the kits together.  They were easy, peasy, chicken squeezie.  The residents just had to glue stuff together.  It was one of the calmest, most relaxed days we have ever spent at Lakeside.  Very excellent way to spend a morning!  Now I have to come up with a Christmas craft for when we go back in November.  Any ideas?

That is all I am going to bore you with for now.  However, I almost have a new Bob Chronicles ready to go, so check back soon to see what trouble he has gotten into lately! 

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  1. AAAmazzzzzzzzzzzzzzinng! 70 POUNDS! WOW, you have literally lost the equivalent of a very small adult or an adolescent. What an accomplishment! Kinda gives new meaning to getting the monkey off your back. LOL!