Thursday, October 18, 2012

10-16 Grateful

I am winding down the day, sitting in Chip's room as he drifts off to sleep.  It is our recent solution to an age old problem of a kid thinking that The Joker is a little bit to close to real.  I don't mind it most nights.  It gives me an opportunity to pick up my computer, check on email, catch up on Facebook and maybe blog for a minute or two.  However, in addition to his own personal body guard keeping an eye on the door for him, he also has a noise machine .  He has it set on ocean and I mean it sounds like waves are hammering the shore just inches from me. I expect any minute to feel the water hit my feet.  It also makes me want to pee.  It won't be long before he doesn't even want me near his room.  So tonight I am grateful that I can bring him some comfort and a little security.

Random:  I am also grateful for Honeycrisp are they good!

In other news...

Chip hit a home run over the fence in practice yesterday.  It was on the big field out at Old Settler's where he plays.  He was so excited.

I went to a meeting at the High School last night were we talked about class rank, scholarships, dual credit, transcripts, advanced measures, distinguished diplomas, college applications, ACT, SAT....the list went on and on.  I felt like I needed a paper sack to breath into.  It is overwhelming to have a Junior in high school.  My head was spinning.

Must get some sleep..another action packed day awaits tomorrow!

Good night!

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