Thursday, October 18, 2012

10-18 Grateful

Today, I was just grateful all day long.  This one is going to be in bullet format:

  • Cool temperatures on an early morning walk.
  • A yellow field trip card that saved the day on my front door this morning!  Thanks John and Peggy!  Seriously appreciate it! 
  • A hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning.
  • A husband who carries down all the dirty clothes in one trip.
  • No New Adds! It is a work thing.  It made me mad today, then happy!  
  • I see a light at the end of the long hours of work tunnel!  I hope it isn't a train!!! 
  • A good workout and a couple more pounds gone.  I think I did 330 crunches today.  Whew.
  • A sweet friend who invited me to A Christmas Affair.  Can't wait.
  • A great friend I can laugh with at the grocery store till we both have to pee.  Does that mean we are getting old? I think that is what that means. 
  • Paper plates.  I love them.  
  • An awesome neighbor who called me outside tonight to hear an owl in the dark.  Her in her jammies.  And my whole family ends up out in her driveway and every single one of them tried to "Hoo Hoo" like an owl.  I am sure they ran the poor bird off. 
  • Sweet boys. 
  • A hot bath.
  • A cozy bed. 
  • A happy heart.
Grateful to feel so blessed! 

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