Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10-2 Grateful

I was going to write about what a long, long day this has been.  Work is killing me.  Seriously.  But you know I am doing the grateful thing. Today I am so grateful that I get to work from home.  I put in probably nine hours of work today, but because I am fortunate enough to work from home, I was here to see my kids off to school, run to the gym for my session, pick my little Chip up from school, hear about his day, greet Harry when he got home from school, make dinner and even do a couple of loads of laundry.  All while still at the office.  It is good to work from home. 

Working from home also means I don't actually pull anyone's hair out of their head.  A couple of times today, had I been in physical proximity, I may have just done some hair pulling.  Saved from myself. 

So today I am grateful not only for my job, but for the fact that I get to do it from the comfort of my own home, surrounded by the people I love.  I'm a lucky girl! 

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