Sunday, October 21, 2012

10-20 Grateful

Saturday morning I couldn't sleep in...made me so mad. The alarm clock said 4:17 a.m. and I was wide awake.  Bummer.

I came downstairs and turned on a few lamps.  Then I saw the spectacular flowers that my friend Wanda had sent me on Friday afternoon.  I work with Wanda and we are co-leading this enormous project.  She had to be out last week for some unexpected surgery and sent me flowers to thank me for my support.  How backwards is that?  I should have been sending her flowers!

I was actually on the phone with her when the delivery was made and I was just tickled.  Who doesn't love getting flowers?  What a thoughtful person she is!  I enjoy working with her very much and am just glad her surgery was successful and she is feeling better.

Anyway, the arrangement was just beautiful when it was delivered, but on Saturday the roses had opened up a little more and were just gorgeous.

I am so grateful to work with such wonderful people like Wanda!  Makes all the hard work worth it when you have an awesome team of folks in it with you!

In other Saturday news, Hubby and Harry flew to Tennessee to see the Alabama football game.  They squeezed in a quick trip to the Vandy/Auburn game then headed to Knoxville to see the Tide.  Harry's buddy R got to go with them and I know they had fun!  Well except for the part where they unknowingly parked in a tow away zone and after the game their rental car was gone.  They had to walk a couple miles to the wrecker service place and pay a fine to get their car back.  Geez, am I ever glad I wasn't there for that.  They have eaten 30 Krystals between them in their quick trip to Tennessee and are already headed home.  Good times.

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