Thursday, October 4, 2012

10-4 Grateful

Today I am grateful for good news from my skin biopsy.  The results showed that I had inflamed skin that had been scratched.  Doesn't seem like you needed to take a plug out of my arm to determine that, but I will take it. There were some complicated medical terms for inflamed and scratched, but the gist was that it was not much of anything.  The doctor said it was good news since it ruled out it being anything bad.

I am to continue on my high dose antihistamines until next week when I get my stitches out.   Rash feels much better, not itching at all.  I think it is definitely working.

That is good and I am grateful.

Very grateful.

You know, today has been kind of a crap day for me.  Work is crazy.  Super crazy.  I don't feel very good either.  Spending a few minutes thinking about what I am grateful for is an excellent exercise. It was easy and it made me feel better about my day.

Tomorrow is Friday!  So grateful for that too!

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