Sunday, October 7, 2012

10-6 Grateful

I am supremely grateful for FLEECE!  Warm, cozy, toasty fleece!

Yesterday, I was blessed enough to be outside all the live long day! I got to watch Harry in a great cross country meet.  I think there were 3400 kids there from all over the area.  It was a big one!  The temperature was dropping all day.  Harry ran great (even though he never thinks so)!   It was a race PR for him.  He did 3.2 miles in 21 minutes and change!  OMG!  So proud of him!  Had just a great morning out there dashing all over that course watching those kiddos run with my friends.  It was fun!  AND I took about 600 pictures!  Can't wait to go through them and see if I got any good ones!

Next, it was time for baseball.  Chip's first baseball game was supposed to be at 4:00, but didn't start until 6:00.  The temperature continued to drop all afternoon.  By the time it ended about 8:00 p.m. my teeth were chattering.  I mean it was dang near COLD!  This was the first game for Chip's fall team and it was a good one!  It ended in a tie!  Chip played great!  Pitched awesome - fielded several balls - made some great catches - hit good!  It was a good showing by the Eagles!  And the other team had some awesome tunes blasting from a boom box!  Sweet!

We had a little time before his second game to go home and get more clothes.  I grabbed fleece and it was the best!

Second game was good right up to the last inning when it kind of got out of control and we lost, but we were contenders and that is really something we can live with.  Chip had another great game even battling the chilly, windy conditions!  It didn't end until almost 11:00 p.m.!  Had such an fun time out there with our baseball families.  We have a great group of parents and kids and that makes it enjoyable even when the conditions aren't so good.

Today, we are back in baseball mode!  First game at 10:00 and it is going to be 50 degrees! Can't wait!

Have an awesome, blessed day and I hope you have lots to be grateful for yourself!

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