Monday, October 8, 2012

10-8 Grateful

I am grateful today that I got to sleep in until 8:30!  It was glorious!

The kids were out of school for a Teacher Work Day and so we didn't walk...we slept!

The rest of the day has been a high stress blur, so sleeping in was essential!  Sleeping in and not exercising also makes me miss my walks.  I love that I miss them.

Tomorrow is a regular day, up early and definitely no sleeping in!

In other news:

  • The weather is spectacular.
  • My skin is so dry.
  • My husband walks around saying things like "You should be grateful this stupid dog barks at people in our family and our friends, but not strangers."  Funny but wrong.  Astro barks at strangers too! 
  • I have so much dang laundry to put away. Three giant baskets full.  No one has any clothes in their dresser I am sure.  It has been rifled through a million times as people dig around for certain things.  A mess.  I will have to refold it all.  Or maybe I will just cram it in a dresser and act like it was already wrinkled.
  • Made soup this morning to take to school for the teachers.  I still have dishes in my sink from this morning.  They will still be there in the morning cause I am not doing them tonight.  
  • Last week, I worked 57.5 hours.  That is ridiculous.  Seriously. I am part time. 
  • I did not have Bible Study today since the kids were out of school.  My house looks like a tornado hit it since I didn't clean up for Bible Study.  Missed Bible Study and my clean downstairs.
  • My boys are sitting here watching the Yankees/Orioles and talking about how they hate every Yankee that picks up a bat and approaches the plate. They are definitely Red Sox fans. 
  • However, Harry is also very disgusted with the Red Sox Managerial candidates.   And also miffed that the Celtics lost to some Turkish team in a preseason basketball game. Sometimes it is better not to have all that information.  
  • My skin is getting rashy again. It is pissing me off. 
  • I was sporting some smaller jeans this weekend.  Thank you Connie! 
  • Connie is having hip surgery on Wednesday this week.  Let's all say a prayer for a perfect surgery and a quick recovery!  
That is all.  I am going to bed. 

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