Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Grateful

I am going to get back in the habit of blogging every day, by committing to posting something for each and every one of the thirty-one days in October.  In each and every post I am going to include something I am grateful for.  I think it is very appropriate as we lead up to the season of Thanksgiving that is just around the corner and approaching faster than a freight train.  I have so much to be grateful for but sometimes in the day to day grind, those blessings are easily overlooked.  I am putting them front and center.  Giving them a moment in time to shine.

Today, I am grateful for....

My husband.
Our marriage.

I can't really do one without the other. They go hand in hand.  All marriages go through ups and downs and ours is certainly no exception.  At this very moment in time, our marriage is something to celebrate and cherish.  He makes me laugh, even when I don't want to.  I find it charming, instead of aggravating.  He helps me when I am overloaded.  I appreciate it, instead of expect it.  He talks to me and I listen.  He listens when I talk to him.  Mostly.  He is encouraging to me.  He is a great Dad and looked up to as a hero by our boys.  He just makes me happy.  I don't know that I could list all the things about him that I love, but I know that I miss him when he is gone and that when he walks through the door the house just feels different.  He is an energy field all his own.  I don't know that a year ago, or five years ago, or ten years ago I could have loved him as much as I do today.  I am just so thankful that every trial, every hiccup, every difficulty brought us to this.  To where we are right now.  The journey wasn't always easy, but without a shadow of a doubt, it was certainly worth it.  I am so grateful that I am doing life with him.

In other, way less sappy news, from the week:

Dermatologist did not know what was causing my crazy rash.  She took a biopsy that required two stitches to close.  She put me on four Allegra a day, a prescription strength of Benadryl for night time and a topical cream for my skin.  Seems to be working.  Itching is much more controlled and the rash is fading.  Yea! I go back in about 10 days to get my stitches out and if the biopsy doesn't turn up something she is going to have me tested for contact allergens.  You know that thing where you get 100 patches on your back to see what swells up?  Good times.  Sometimes I am just grateful to wake up and not have a new rash spread across my face!  It will be soooooo easy to find something to be grateful for every day! 

No baseball this weekend.  Rained out. Boo!

Weather in the morning is SPECTACULAR!!!  Made for an awesome run this morning!

Bible study this morning was amazing and scary.  It was about tests and how God will keep putting you up against something until you learn from it.  From hard tests come great lessons.  We had wonderful discussion after the video and I realize again and again how much more alike we are than different.  All of us are scared of hard tests.  I am grateful for Bible Study and the wonderful women that share it with me every week. 

My brother-in-laws knee replacement surgery went well.  He is  home. Recuperating.  Doing his Physical Therapy - taking his pain meds!  So happy that he is on the road to recovering!! 

I have kicked off my Christmas shopping!  The first gift of Christmas has been purchased!

That can only mean one thing....the holidays are just around the corner.  Must get down my Halloween decorations this week!  Time to get some pumpkins and scarecrows out and about!  I love this time of year!  A little nervous about the enormous amounts of candy that come with this festive time of year.  I wonder if my kids would notice if we just handed out bags of carrots??

I made an Egg Casserole with Kale and Mushrooms this morning for Bible Study.  Kale is a power food.  One of the best.  The casserole was actually pretty tasty...even being healthy!  Thanks to my girls for being guinea pigs for all these recipes I try! I will make this one again!   Hey, Nice One...this is another one you would love.  I will send you the recipe!  That girl will eat broccoli with eggs. UGH!!  Kale will be an improvement! 

I have such a new take on Mondays since I started hosting Bible Study here....kick off the week with my house clean (well...the downstairs is clean!  The upstairs....not so much)....a little God....the week stretched out in front of me with endless opportunity and promise.  It is a great way to kick off the week.  Now, when Friday rolls around the house will be a wreck and I may be too, but for now all is well in my world! 

I hope it is well in yours too! 

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