Friday, November 30, 2012

Buddy is Back...

You may remember that silly little elf that visits our house at Christmas time and wrecks havoc and creates mayhem while the family sleeps.  His name is Buddy.  He is supposed to be here as a watch dog for Santa to make sure the kiddos are behaving and staying on the nice list, but instead he seems to spend most of his time getting into trouble!

Chip heard from a friend that you have to leave a bowl of popcorn out for Buddy with a note and he will show up.

Lo and worked! 

Buddy came blazing back into town on a Batman motorcycle and spelled out "I'm Back!" in M&Ms.  Oh boy!

The second night, he built a ladder up to the Gecko's cage and was fishing with a dead cricket!  Buddy, seriously!  What would you have done if you caught Bama?

The next night he was pretty calm and just built a cute snowman out of marshmallows.   I am sure that won't last.

This morning we woke up to cotton balls all over the living room and Buddy holding a snowman convention.  I wonder what they talked about?

He looks like he may be planning something naughty!  You definitely have to stay on your toes with this guy!

Let the countdown to Christmas begin! 

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