Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I haven't been on my blog in forever!  Is anyone still reading?  Still checking in?  I have so much to share.  So many things happen through my daily life and I think to myself that I need to remember that to put on my blog and then I never get around to it.

So before I nod off tonight, here are the few random things I can think of that I meant to blog about Thanksgiving:

* There was a goat in the kitchen at Thanksgiving.  A real goat.  A little pygmy goat named Soda Pop.  Do you think we were in Alabama?  Yes, yes, we were.  A goat in the kitchen.  I have been desperate to say that and have told many, many people when they have asked about my Thanksgiving festivities. You just don't hear that every day, do you?

*  Ran in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning with the family.  It was awesome.  I was totally stressed about it because I haven't been running much.  But it was awesome.  I already said that, but it totally was.  I had a PR!  Woot! Woot!

*  Chip had his first Black Friday experience with the Foster girls.  He was expecting more chaos and less walking around.

*  I ate a pumpkin pie made with tofu.  It wasn't awful.

* We had an awesome Thanksgiving holiday.  Great company.  Tons of laughs.  Great food. Too much of it.  Fun games.  Good football - flag and college varieties.  No airfare delays.  We didn't take nearly enough pictures.  So much to be thankful for!!!

I have to get up in about five hours or so....must get to bed!

Good night all!

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  1. Welcome back! I have missed you! Congrats on the PR!!!