Friday, December 7, 2012

Buddy Antics

Have you been wondering what Buddy The Elf has been up to for the last couple of days? 

I will tell you.......It has been mayhem and destruction!  

Not really.  He has actually been pretty easy on us so far this year.  No ladders have had to be brought into the house yet to clean up his mess, so that is a plus!   Here are some pictures of his silliness!

He loaded some stuffed animals on the Christmas tree.  Thank goodness it hadn't been decorated yet!

Then he got hold of one of Chip's Nerf guns and set up Target practice on the kitchen table.

The next night he snuck into Harry's room and put on a miniature football jersey and jumped in Hubby's sports tree. 

The next night he did us a favor and sharpened a ton of pencils!  We needed those!  He did spread them all over the floor, but Chip didn't mind. 

All that work must have worn him out cause the next morning we found him snoozing in a tissue box!  He looked so comfy!

He somehow got on the bad side of some of Chip's Mens and got strung up and tied down the next night.  This looks like major warfare!

Last night, he stole Grandpa's wallet, unloaded the contents and appeared to be making a catalog purchase of some pretty awesome toys!  I guess we will wait for the statement to come in to see how much damage has been done!

Can't believe Buddy has only been back for about 10 days....seems like a month! 

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