Sunday, January 13, 2013

Around The House

This afternoon I took a few pictures around the house of some of the areas I have been working on.  The first set of pictures are the necklace storage solution I finally came up with!  I went to the Home Goods store this afternoon and found this piece of metal artwork that I thought might just work to display my necklaces on the wall where I could see them easily.  I really wanted something non-traditional that could hang on the wall, but not look like a regular necklace storage piece.  And it was cheap ($16).  I think it fits the bill, perfectly.  In fact, it is way neater than what I originally pictured in my head.  

I hung it here on this little wall right next to my jewelry cabinet in my bedroom.

Here is a closer look.

And even closer.

I probably hung forty necklaces on this piece of metal and they look neat, organized and now I can see them at a glance and remember what I actually have!  Win, Win, Win!  Very happy with how it turned out.

Here is quick peek in the pantry.  It is still neat and tidy.  

The Tupperware cabinet.  Look at that Mom!

The downstairs linen closet.

The game bookcase.

My desk.

The closet under the stairs.  A thing of beauty. Look at all the floor you can see! 

Bags on hooks for easy access.

New baskets on the wall to hold gloves, scarves and hats.

I seriously go in this closet and look around at least three times a day!  Why can't it stay this way!

I have thoroughly enjoyed tackling these trouble spots in my house and crossing them off my list.  I have been ruthless in my keep/don't keep decisions and it is a very cleansing feeling to get rid of the stuff.  We have a regular rotation going by Goodwill to drop off donations and piles and piles of trash at the curb.  Great start to the new year!

Also, this was my first trip to a Home Goods store.  It will not be my last!

I hope your weekend was productive and relaxing!  Mine was both!

Bible Study gets started tomorrow morning!  Can't wait!

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  1. Late entry, tried to comment by commenting when your blog comes to my email but I don't think you got any of my comments. So now going back to your actual blog and trying.l

    What drugs are you taking?
    Slow down, as when you are done with your home, you are going to want to paint something, then Bob and Lana are going to have to come for another trip.