Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catching up with Buddy

I thought I would catch you up on some of the places we found our crazy elf, Buddy!  

Just hanging around.  Gives me a head rush thinking about him being upside down all night and day!

One night he wrapped our toilet in toilet paper!  I guess that is better than the ceiling fan that he did last year!  It did not require a ladder to clean up and for that I am grateful.

He snuck into a bag of Mini Powdered Donuts and had sugar all over his face. 

He is lucky he didn't get injured after a rousing game of Jenga with the cowboy snowman. 

He was buried under Jenga blocks, but did not seem to be injured.

He got super mischievous and drew beards and mustaches on two pictures of the boys.  That dirty rat!

The morning after we decorated our tree we found him tucked into an empty ornament box at the top of the stack!  

He perched up on our "Who needs Santa...I have Nana" sign.  Makes me miss Louise. 

He got into with the wrestling guys again this year.  I think he was in a similar situation last year.  He needs to start working out or something.

He had a calm night looking at our Christmas cards.  He is almost peaceful when he is doing something like this. 

We caught him one day putting the the real Elf movie in the DVD player.

He played ping pong with the snowman.

Went dumpster diving in the leftover cookie bag.

And finally, left a note for us not to forget him on our trip to Bama. We didn't!  He made the trip and made our holidays just a little bit more fun.  

Chip said to me the other day...there should be an Elf for every holiday.  A cupid for Valentines, an Uncle Sam for Independence Day, a Frankenstein for Halloween, etc....  

Not a bad idea Chip!   We sure enjoy having Buddy around at Christmas! 

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