Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fun with Boys

Today has been a wonderfully productive Saturday!  I have purged two more areas off my 40 Day Purge List!  That makes 28 areas complete and a mere 12 to go!  Three more bags heading to Goodwill! 

After I cleaned out my desk this morning, I finally got around to taking pictures off of my camera.  I found some treasures that I wanted to share. 

Chip had a big time Nerf Christmas and there have been some epic battles around this house.  These are the two main participants, but me and Harry also get into the mix occasionally.  I seem to be the common target when I play. Not sure what that is about.  Don't these guys look hard core?  Look at the size of that gun Chip is carrying!  I think it could easily blast the front door right off its hinges!   Remember when your kids were small and you would find Cheerios all over the place?  Well, now I have Nerf bullets all over the place.  The keep turning up in the weirdest places!  I will be finding stray bullets for years. 

There has also been an enormous amount of Lego building going on.  Chip is a pretty good instruction follower and can put together most kits on his own.  For this giant kit, Chip and Hubby broke it down into two sections and built it together. 

Love pictures of little hands.

Here is the finished product.  It is a Police Station and has some really cool features.  One of which is the toilet wall in the prison cell swings backward for a secret escape hatch.  Very cool! 

Here are the fellas before they went to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.  This is Chip's first bowl trip with the big boys.  This is Hubby and Harry's seventh consecutive year to catch a bowl game somewhere!

The Cotton Bowl was at Cowboy Stadium this year.

Fun activities for the fans outside the stadium.

Goody bags full of free stuff!

Cute picture.  What is Chip looking at?

More games.

Everyone takes a turn.

Texas A&M band filing into the stadium.

Chip on the phone with his mother...."Hey Mom.  You are going to love this.  We already got four big cups to bring home."  His mother hates those big giant cups.

Texas A&M taking on Oklahoma.

Giant flag being unfurled on the field.   Boys are in the nosebleed section.

Coin toss.

Heisman Trophy winner, Mr. Football takes the field.

He is a pretty good ball player!

Texas A&M won the game easily and scored a bunch!

The confetti rained down and the celebrating commenced.

Fun time.  Good football.  Great Memories. 

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