Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holiday Pictures

I have lots of pictures from the holidays and I thought I would post a few to remember the festivities.

First up...The Thanksgiving Goat.  I give you "Soda Pop" who lives on The Bad Farm.

Traditional Flag Football game on the farm in Tennessee.  I wish I would have had a picture of David falling down and his pants around his ankles.  I crack up now just thinking about it. 

The Queen leading the cheer leading squad. She did not have much to work with.  She actually looks disgusted in this picture and I think this is one of our most coordinated cheers! 

Group shot!  Bob was the referee.  He got lots of backtalk from the teams.


Minute to Win It Games.  My sweet Harry was texting his Dad...."Why does Mom make us play these stupid games?"  I am kicking him out of the family.  

Boot Camp on the Bad Farm.  It was cold, but we were hard core!

Callie drove Chip around in the back of her truck and he shot Nerf guns at us while we exercised.  He loved his participation in Boot Camp.

Do your push-ups Dad.  Do it now.  

This is the Tortilla Tree I made for Beth's party.  Remember, last year I made the fruit tree that was awesome but gave me blisters on my fingers after sticking in all those toothpicks. This one was not as pretty, but also not nearly as time consuming and blister causing!

Beth's beautiful table of food!  It is always so dang good!  Her pecan stuffed dates are legendary!

Mer and Grandpa came for a quick visit to see Harry in the Tuna Christmas Production.  Here they come into the cul-de-sac and yes that is Chip chasing down their van from the end of the street.

While Mer and Gpa were here we had our annual Brown Santa Stuffed Animal drive with the V Family.  We had an awesome response from our friends and neighbors and collected hundreds of stuffed animals and books.  It felt great to make such a big contribution to a great organization. 

The super talented cast of Tuna Christmas!  Great Job! 

Gorgeous sunrise as we head for Alabama!  Road Trip!  

Megan celebrating her college graduation from The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Also graduating the same day was Malarie's fellow Brett from The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa!   Big time celebration for the both of them!  

Scout...the biggest dog in the world.  This pictures just does not do him justice.  He is a big one.

Family meeting.

Decorating Sugar Cookies.

Of course, Grandpa is smack talking about how his sugar cookie is the best and is going to win the contest.  Of course there was not a contest it was just for fun but you just can't tell him that. 

A shot of Christmas tree and presents.  There are lots of people in this family and lots of presents! 

Can you even imagine how jazzed this gets a little kid?

Chip opened one present on Christmas Eve as is our family tradition.  It was a cool Lego set.

We all helped build it!

This is one for the memory books.  Joey brought over his dog because it was storming and his dog eats through walls and tears down steel beams when he hears thunder.  Well, Rocky didn't eat any walls but he did step on Harry's Xbox drawer when it was opened and broke it.  After all regular means were attempted to get it back on track, Brett took his new college degree in Business and put it to work.  He disassembled Harry's XBox down to the wires.  There were pieces everywhere.  And he fixed it. He fixed it as good as new!  Way to go Brett!  You saved the day!  There were whoops and hollers coming from all the children and adults in the house when he plugged it in and it worked!  A Christmas XBox miracle.

I hope your Christmas was awesome and you can look back with fond memories!  I know I can!  

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