Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Long Weekend

I love a long weekend.  Who doesn't, really?

It was a busy one for sure, but having that third day just makes a difference.

Sunday was a busy day for me.  First, I attended a meeting to discuss our upcoming Cross Country Trivia Night fundraiser.  It is coming up fast and I still have centerpieces to make.  Time to crank it up!  I spent most of yesterday shopping for craft supplies and putting together the centerpieces.  Mark that off of my list.

Sunday afternoon I went to a "10 for Him" introductory meeting.  It is a group of ladies in the neighborhood and we are going to get together once a month, give $10 each, and do some good with it!  Each month, one person's name will be drawn and during the next month that person has to find a way to give away the money we collected.  You can give it to one person, give it to three different people, give it anonymously, give it to a friend, a complete stranger, etc.  However you feel led to give. We had ten participants at the first meeting so the lucky participant has $100 to give.  I can't wait to hear who they found and how it blessed both the giver and the receiver.  In the meantime, the rest of us just pray for the person passing out the money that God puts someone in front of them that could use a little help.  And that the person they find feels God's love a little bit more to know that someone cares.  It is also going to open our eyes to those who are needy around us.  I am already on high alert looking outside my normal bubble to see how I might share the money when it is my turn.  I think this is going to be one of the best ideas ever and I can't wait till next month!

I wrapped up Sunday evening going to Book Club, where I was an epic fail because I didn't finish the book.  I love to read, but I don't think I love my Nook.  I miss holding a book.  I need to reconcile myself with this situation.  Embrace the Nook!  Heaven knows it is easy enough to buy the books, downloaded in mere seconds to my Nook, but then I have to pick it up and read it!  The company at Book Club is always terrific and the discussion always enlightening.  It really made me wish I had read the book!  Next month, for sure!

The week ahead looks busy with work meetings, proposals, errands and appointments!  The weather around here is going to be SPECTACULAR!  Mid 70s and sunny!  Yea!

Here is to a great Tuesday that is NOT a Monday!  Make it a good one!

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  1. oh nooooo. I can't believe I missed the first meeting. I didn't think the day had been decided yet. I am coming. So is Cindy T. I totally agree about the Nook. Can't do it. Love a book and I don't know why. Old age, perhaps? Not hip? No idea. But it is not the same. Cannot embrace the nook. What book was it? I read Defending Jacob and it was an entertaining read.