Monday, January 28, 2013

My Eye!!!!!!

Chip had an eyelash stuck in his eye after school and you might have thought he was being attacked by a lion or a shark.  Kid was screaming and carrying on like a wild man.  I was afraid the neighbors might call the law.

I tried all the tricks I knew to get an eyelash out of an eye to no avail.  It was troublesome.

Finally, I calmed the beast, a snack was eaten, some distractions were implemented and finally after some time passed he couldn't feel it any more.  THANK GOODNESS!   It was some legit drama!  I thought for sure we were heading to the ER for some numbing drops and a q-tip.  Happy to have avoided that!  What is up with my children and their eyes?

Hope your Monday was a little less painful than Chip's!

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