Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday Summary

We had a go, go, go Saturday but the weather was awesome and when it is a three day weekend it just feels like an extra weekend day!  Which is awesome!

Chip had his first basketball game Saturday and it was a really, really good game!  The Thunder only had two practices before their first game and I was worried.  No reason to worry, they played like a well oiled machine.  The won a very good, competitive game 30 - 26.  Chip had four baskets, four rebounds, three steals and a couple of assists.  I only know the stats because his Dad told me.  I just know he was a hustling machine.  He loved it!  I will get some pictures next week so you can see how cute my basketball player is!  He has some new KD's (basketball shoes) that he had to chip in a significant amount of his own money to get and he looks so cute in them.

We also hosted the kickoff meeting for the baseball team at our house in the afternoon.  We had a herd of kids here and their parents. The parents were inside for the meeting and the kids were outside playing basketball, flashlight tag, hide and seek, etc.  It was pretty calm in the house, but every time the front door would open and one kid or another would come in or out it sounded like opening the door to a stadium - screaming, yelling, crowd noises.  It was almost comical.  We had picked up a tray of Chick-Fil-A nuggets and Hubby would take a paper plate full of them out to the kids to share.  He would come back in the house in about 12 seconds, a little disheveled and an empty plate.  He said "They attacked me!"  Needless to say, the chicken nuggets were inhaled by those little people.  Baseball season is kicking off soon and we are combining with another team.  The parents all seemed very nice and the manager is a great guy, so I am very optimistic that it will be a great spring season.

Harry has been running the roads like a teenager....Friday afternoon he went to his friend that is a girl's house to watch movies and hang out. He got home about 9:30 and immediately asked if he could go to the movie with his boys.  He got home after midnight.  Woke up on Saturday and within 30 minutes he comes and asked if he could drive downtown to see the Longhorn basketball game. What? That is far.  Who are they playing, when does it start, who is going with you, how do you get tickets this late, do you know how to get there?  He had answers for all of that and against every fiber of my protective parenting being...I said yes.  I am still surprised.  He picked up RV and they made it down there, watched the game and made it home in one piece.  Thank you Jesus!

Harry got home in time to hang outside and play and kinda watching over the younger kids while we were having our parent meeting.  He comes in and says "It is complete anarchy out there.  They are tying up people, climbing on cars!"  When Chip came in I said "Harry said you guys were tying up people and climbing on cars, is that true?"  Chip looks at me and rolls his eyes like Harry is crazy as a loon and says "We didn't tie up anybody."  I thought that was so funny.  They were apparently climbing all over cars. All is well, though!  No harm done and they had a ball.

I must show you the cutest little print I ordered off of Etsy last week.  I absolutely love it!

I have it sitting on a table in the den and intend to read it every morning!  What a great message to carry around with you all day.

In other news...I am so sore this morning, moaning every time I stand up or sit down or lift my arms.  Mr. Knowledge about the Human Body had a whole slew of new workouts for me on Friday.  I was jumping over stuff,  doing crazy ab work with these big side bends holding a weight over my head, squats with a bar with these big heavy duty chains hanging off them, one arm tricep work, step ups on this box....I told him I felt like I was in an NFL combine or something.  It really was awesome and I felt like an athlete while I was doing it.  Today, not so much.  More like a crippled, middle aged lady.  A couple of Aleve ought to help!  Seriously, can't wait for Tuesday to see what we are going to do!

I am struggling to lose any more weight (and the last two pounds of my Christmas gain!) I just can't seem to clean up my diet enough to turn off those damn carb cravings. I am going to redouble my efforts this week to get 10 straight days of clean eating in a row to get back in complete control of my food intake.  No slip-ups.  No Wheat thins.  No pinching the top off of a blueberry muffin (even if it is whole wheat).  No dipping apples in caramel sauce.  No putting a drizzle of honey on my Ezekiel Peanut Butter toast.  Cold turkey.  I spent 7 or 8 months in that state and I want to get back there!  It is a huge relief not to have cravings and be able to plan ahead and know what you are going to eat to fuel your body.

I think with a clean diet, the increased intensity of workouts and consistent walking, my body will be healthy and the number on the scale and pant size will take care of itself.  I will tell you that we got a new scale this week that shows your weight, body fat percentage and water percentage.  I am in the healthy range in all areas!  That is an amazing accomplishment for me and I am determined to stay healthy and fit!  Go me!

I have a busy day today, but with a good night's sleep behind me, the sun is shining brightly, the sky is a beautiful blue, the house is already clean, grocery shopping is already is going to be a good one!

I hope your weekend is off to a great start!  Do something good for yourself today!


  1. -For the record, you can add me to the blog readers list. Sometimes it is a few days in a row, most of the time it is a catch up from 2 weeks or so, but I read it and I love seeing the pictures and knowing what you guys are up to. Keep it up! Debbi

    1. Thanks Debbi! I didn't know you were a reader so that gets me up to like 12 readers! Woo Hoo! Hope your week ahead is a good one!