Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Throat Punch

My friend Cindy sent me this picture today from the Cross Country banquet.  
Look how tall my boy is getting.  
It hurts my heart.  
I love this kid.  

In other news, I wanted to punch a lady in the throat today.
It was work related.
And yet another great reason to work from home so
throat punching is not an option!
I did not love her.

I had to change my blog background.
It was making me want coffee late at night when I would see it.
I went with a Valentine theme.
I will probably want chocolate now.
Maybe I should look for some celery.

I made Tilapia and Salmon for dinner.
The boys ate it.
Except for that tall one in the picture above.
He fake ate it.
The other two "for real" ate it.

I got a couple shout outs in the comments of yesterday's blog! 
Woo Hoo!
Holla Liz and Ms. Tennessee! 
Bob and Lana are also reading.
Bob texted me.
Four readers!
Four, very special readers! 
I love my four readers.   

Wonder why I am typing such short sentences.
It's weird.
I can't stop.

I must stop.
Going to bed.
Good night's sleep ahead! 

Hope your Thursday is awesome! 


  1. FIVE readers! One is just very slow. So glad you are blogging regularly again. And I can't imagine you getting mad enough to punch someone!

  2. The slow reader is Sandy. Apparently I'm slow and can't post a comment correctly!

  3. Make that SIX! I don't get email notification till a day late. Could your IT department do something about that?!?! :) B

  4. Don't think about punching. Send her a lovely card. Before doing so take that card to Wal Mart and rub it on every cart in the store. LOL! Just kidding of course.

  5. 7!! Don't forget Tuscaloosa! :)

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