Saturday, February 16, 2013

College Visit

It has started.  We have a couple of college events under our belt.  And I haven't cried yet! 

Last weekend, we joined Peggy and RV for a local event called the Texas Tech Roadshow.  Tech brought lots of the big guns, the Chancellor, the President, the Dean, to talk to incoming students and prospective students.  The Chancellor was an excellent speaker and I honestly could have listened to him all afternoon.  His best piece of advice for students....GO TO CLASS!  I loved that. Harry also talked to a girl from the Communications department and she told him all about the fantastic, new, state of the art communication building they have at Tech. I think it peaked Harry's interest enough that he wants to go to Lubbock for a campus visit. 

Today, we went to College Station for Aggieland day at Texas A&M.  It was beautiful day and the place was crawling with prospective students.  We caravaned there with five families from the hood.  And saw several other local families while we were there.  At one point, our neighborhood folks were taking up a whole section of the food court. It was funny!  So moving to watch these boys who have been friends since elementary school walking through a college campus.  Heads together, still laughing and cutting up.  Such great boys and we are so blessed to have their families to walk this journey with.  We went to a "Calling all Juniors" briefing and heard all the admission information.  They had 35,000 applications this year!  Oh my word.  Next up, we headed over to the Communications department and talked to a representative there. Sadly, A&M doesn't have a broadcasting major.  Harry was done.  Not interested.  He wants to study broadcasting and he is not interested in checking out anything else at this time.  Guessing we should probably start researching what majors they have before we do any more campus tours.  I don't think we knew how adamant he was about what he wants to study.  Guess we are all learning as we go.  We made the most of it anyway and checked out the dorm and rounded out the afternoon taking in an Aggie baseball game.  It was a fun day! 

On Harry's short list still to visit....Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU, Arizona State, Alabama, Georgia and today he said something about Arkansas. 

We have a campus tour set for Arizona State and Baylor in the next month or so.  Got to figure out when we can see some of the others.  I am totally looking forward to checking out the other colleges and seeing where Harry ends up going.  It is a very exciting time!

I took some cute pictures today but don't have the cord to download them. I will share them tomorrow!

Changing my background to get ready for a little Spring Training baseball!   So ready!

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