Sunday, February 3, 2013

They Call It a Smartphone?

So yesterday there was a weather event in Alabama!  It SNOWED!  That is a rare occurrence and set off a flurry of pictures being sent from the family to show me the lovely white stuff.  It finally started snowing in Bob's neck of the woods and I begged for more pictures so I could see the blizzard like winter wonderland they were experiencing. 

This is what I received. 


I laughed and laughed and laughed some more.  Then I texted Bob back and said "Epic Fail.  Not only did you not send me a picture of snow, you sent me a VIDEO of your face!"

He didn't realize he had the camera switched around or that he was making a video instead of a taking a picture.

He gets an A for effort...I mean, can't you just see the concentration on his face.  But an F for execution.

His error caused a ripple effect from the rest of the family that were also copied on his "snow picture".  I got up close and unflattering pictures from my sister and brother.  Then of course I had to send one myself.

Made for some great laughs on Saturday morning.  Thanks Bob.

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  1. One of my past co-workers always used to say..."Old people are fun to watch!" LoL!!! Thanks for that laugh!! Liz