Saturday, March 30, 2013

Harold's 17th Birthday

Today, my sweet Harry turns 17 years old.  My goodness, didn't he just turn 16?  I am certain that it was just last week that we were practicing that damn parallel parking before he took his driving test.  These years are flying by entirely too fast.

This morning, we measured him on the kitchen wall and he is just shy of six feett tall.  Needs about a quarter of an inch more to be six feet.  That will probably happen by next Thursday!

For his birthday, we put a radio with a USB port in his truck so he can listen to the music on his iPod.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at his favorite place....Freebirds.....and then his truck was ready to pick up.  I made him his favorite dessert, which is yellow cupcakes with no frosting. He is plain jane on the dessert front.

He is out running the roads with his buddies this afternoon.  The texts I get:

Harry:  Heading to Walmart.
Me:   Why?
Harry:  Already back.  Now going to the outlets.
Me:  K.  Be careful.
Harry:  My life is in Carlos' hands.
Me:  That doesn't make me feel very good.
Harry:  Me either.

He has such a nice group of friends.  Really great kids.  He was telling us at lunch that him and RV will probably go to opening night at the local baseball stadium next week.  They are regulars at the Toros basketball games.  They are talking about trying to work at the same place this summer.  I love that he has friends that enjoy the same things that he does.  You can usually hear them laughing and cutting up as they are walking up to the front door.

My Harry is growing into such a nice young man.  He makes me proud.  We have some great conversations and talking to him is so easy.  He listens well.  He is funny.

It hurts my heart to think about him leaving.  I want him to go.  I want him to get out there and make an amazing life for himself.  But I want him to call me.  Text me.  Send me smoke signals.  Something.  Anything.

I am going to soak him up, drink him in every chance I get.

That sounds kind of weird.

Maybe I should just say that I love being his mom and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life being his mom!  It's the best.

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