Friday, March 22, 2013

Speed Round

1.  Harry is performing in the high school UIL One Act Play tonight!  Break a leg, Harry!   Also, for future planning he found out yesterday they will be doing Shrek The Musical next!  Hooray!

2.  Lakeside visit was awesome this week.  They loved the necklaces we made.  Easter crafts were kinda hard.

3.  New six week Bible Study kicked off this week and it was AWESOME!!!  All CAPS for emphasis!  

4.  Doing the laundry isn't so bad.  Putting away the laundry stinks.

5.  Baseball this weekend!  Go Chip!

6.  My neighbor Francene and I saved two dogs in the neighborhood yesterday.  Did a good deed - felt like a dog hero.

7.  Harry's birthday is next weekend!  Didn't he just turn 16 last week???

8.  Today was Chip's last day of Safety Patrol.  Time for the current 4th graders to start working so they know how to do it when they get to fifth grade.  Man this school year is winding up quickly.  Almost done with Elementary School.

9.  Finally mailed Megan's card and Wes' box!

10.  I need a machete, a chain saw, an ax, a backhoe, a bush hog and a dumpster to get my backyard under control.

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