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Spring Break - Day Four ASU

We woke up early on Monday morning so we could get to the downtown campus of Arizona State University.  I was a excited to see what they had to offer and to see what the campus was like.  We found it easily and went in to the University Center to meet up with our tour.

Look at my did he get so big.  Wasn't he just four years old and carrying around a pocketful of Thomas the Train engines?   I am sure that he was.

He read over the material while we waited.  Filled out a few information cards.

There were probably fifty people (students and families) there for the tour.  The building was very modern and they had some people there called Devil Advocates, which is a club associated with the college.  They give the tours and are basically advocates for the university.  

We listened to a brief overview of the college and the admissions process and then got hooked up with our awesome tour guide Mandy.  She was great. There were probably 15 or so people in our group and we started off touring the residence hall.  It was right across the street from the University Center. 

These two buildings are the residence dorms for the downtown campus.  They are very new buildings and were pretty on the inside and outside.  Building One is for Freshman and Building Two is for upper class men.  In Building One, there are two people to a room and they share a private bath.  In Building Two you get your own room and share a common space and bathroom with one other person.  So no community showers....each room has its own.  I thought that was a nice benefit. 

The residence hall is called Taylor Place.  You have to pass a security desk to get in..using your college ID to scan through the front desk and to get on the elevator.  They were big on security, which with a downtown campus seemed important.  It was spring break for the college so it was a ghost town.  I think we got to see a lot of areas that would normally be filled with students, so I think that was a good thing, although I would have liked to see how busy it was down there with school in session. 

This was the dining hall for Taylor Place.  Very sleek and modern.  The food pass was explained to us and Mandy said the food was really good.

Outside of the building, there was a Starbucks, a Subway and a couple other little eating establishments.  Harry thought he could eat fine.

This was the sample dorm room they showed us.  The beds are raised up so you can store bins and stuff underneath.  They were a decent size and again, the bathroom was inside the room that these two students would share.  I liked that. 

There was this beautiful patio between the two buildings with lovely deck furniture.  She said it was normally crawling with kids and that during the early part of summer there would be towels everywhere because the kids laid out in the sun out here.  There was also a workout room on this patio.

Oh, and I have to remember to talk about the washer and dryers on each floor.  Once you put your clothes in the washer it will text you a message to your phone when your load is done.  The dryer does the same thing.  How cool is that?

The dorm is split up by Major, so all Journalism students would be on the same floor.  It is co-ed, so boys and girls are on the same floor.

The other Majors on the downtown campus besides Journalism are Nursing and Health and Wellness.

The campus is several blocks long, but all the buildings are kinda sorta connected.  The Walter Cronkite School is directly across the street from the residence hall.

Mandy said that the public paid for many of the ASU buildings in an effort to revamp the downtown area and it is working.  Lots of new businesses coming in.  In fact they are building a giant Student Rec center that is going to have a rooftop pool and workout and recreation equipment galore.  It was about a five story building that is supposed to be done next year.  Good timing for Harry.

This is the Walter Cronkite Building.  It was very cool. Inside and Out. 

Another view. 

Inside the lobby of the building.  Again, very modern, clean, sleek.

This is the largest classroom they have on campus.  They are very big on keeping class size very small. In this room, she told us that they had the technical capability to "go live" at anytime to a world wide audience.

Outside in the lobby there is a Walter Cronkite museum.  Had his original typewriter and lots of old journalism tools of the trade.

They also had a giant screen TV. Harry liked that.  She said that every Monday evening they have a speaker come in to talk to the kids.  Someone in the business.  Either a reporter, newspaper person, news actor, writer, someone who could tell them how they made it, career choices they made, mistakes, what they would do different, etc..  For every session you attend you get points and the student with the most points gets to attend the Walter Cronkite Award dinner.  The recipients and guests of the award dinner usually come and give a talk to the students in this very building.  She said they have had Bob Costas, Diane Sawyer and many others.

I thought that if you were a Journalism major living downtown that you would have to commute to the Tempe main campus for at least some of your classes.  That is not the case at all.  She said you could do every class on the downtown campus if you wanted.

They do have shuttle buses that run every 30 minutes back and forth to the Tempe campus.  The light rail public transportation also runs to the Tempe campus and is located right outside of the building.

The classrooms in this Walter Cronkite building were so exceptional.

There were tons of classrooms with these individual editing bays were you can learn how to edit and wrote copy, video clips, voice overs, etc.  Each student has a removable hard drive that you carry around with you and can plug into any computer on campus.  They are all loaded with exactly the same software so you are never without the ability to do your work. 

This was the classroom for a radio class.  It is an actual radio broadcast booth and through the glass is where the producer works with all the buttons and switches and technical gizmos.  Hands on from day one.  

This is the classroom for a class that is a pre-requisite for all journalism students.  It teaches them all the equipment.  It was like a NASA shuttle room.  So cool.   She recommended they take it first semester so they could then get involved in one of the many school opportunities to help with the newscast, newspaper, radio show, etc. 

Here is the newsroom.  It was an old set donated by a local television station and it is legit.  The real deal.  Big cameras, lights, camera, walls for weather, etc.  The students do a nightly news  program.  It is a class you take that is about three or four hours every other day.  You come in to a big conference room, get your assignment, go out and gather your information, come back in, edit it and be ready to go on the air.  They have students going out to spring training covering baseball, politics are big and they have access to all the county and city hall, courts, etc that are downtown.

Here are small edit bays by the broadcast area...she said there are tons of areas to edit and make your copy and the place is a buzzing bee hive before they go live on the air.

These students are writing articles that get sent out on the AP wire and can be picked up by newspapers or magazines.  All students are required to do an internship and they work closely with the students to get them into an area that interests them.  They work with USA Today, ABC, Fox, Political Offices of all kinds, Business Journals, you name it.

Me and Hubby were looking at each other like.....we could totally go here!

The health clinic is one building down in the Nursing building...that makes a mom happy.  There was a CVS down the street, a Five Guys Burgers, a big mall.   Chase field was probably four or five blocks away.

This is a giant sculpture that is downtown in this green space.  That red brick building is the YMCA that all ASU Students can use to work out.  It is a public facility.  The building to the left of that brick building is the new Student Rec Center with the rooftop pool that will be for ASU students only.  

After our tour, we hit up Subway for lunch and to debrief.  Overall consensus was that we were all totally impressed.  Super high tech.  Hands on classes from day one.  When you left this program you would be totally ready to start a job.  Great dorm situation.  Good girl:boy ratio with the Nursing students on the downtown campus.  Two thumbs up!  

So, we also somehow manage to hook up with a sports tour of the main campus.  Not sure how Hubby managed it, but it was sure to be a highlight for the guys.  After our Subway lunch we headed to Tempe to see what was up on the main campus. 

We met our tour guide Justin at the entrance to the football stadium.

Mom and her boys.  

They had a new Hall of Fame in the building.  There big sport was badminton.  They dominated most of the 70s and 80s.  

This is the elevator to the football offices.  The fellas thought these were totally cool.

The receptionist area to the football floor.  Sweet digs.

ASU's football schedule for this year is already on the wall!

This was a film room for Offensive or Defensive lineman.

In this hallway they had glass displays of all of their uniform choices.  Kinda neat.

This was a cool wall.  All of the NFL Teams and the ASU players who have played for them.

One of the uniform mannequins.

The weight room. 

This is the Pat Tillman tunnel that leads to the field.  

Took us right to the field. 

Family at ASU...taking the field.


My fellas. 

Then we got a bonus tour of the Wells Fargo Arena where they play basketball. 

The lights were off and it was kinda spooky. 

The boys thought it was awesome. 

After that we headed back to Squaw Peak for a quick dip in the pool! 

No rest for us...after the swim we headed to a Phoenix Suns basketball game.  I can't even remember who they played.   Oh yeah, it was the Denver Nuggets.

It was a good game in the first half, but then the Nuggets ran away with it in the second half.  

The kids got to go down on the court after the game and shoot a free throw.  That was fun! 

It was a long, long, exciting, informative day and I was in bed within 4 minutes of walking back into our room.  Good news, we were getting up early the next day to climb Squaw Peak!  See, I told you we didn't have any down time!  

I hope you feel like you were there with us!  More pictures to come....and the second embarrassing family incident!  

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