Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break - Day One and Two

We are on our way home from a week in Arizona.  I really had great intentions that I was going to blog each and every day of our vacation as it happened.  

I was so wrong. 

My husband never actually lets you sit still on vacation.

There is no downtime.   There is no quiet time.  There is most definitely no time to blog.  So, now we are one more day away from our vacation being over and I haven't even posted the first picture.  If you are friends with me on Facebook I did post a few pictures there!  I am going to cram Day One and Two together in this post so I can get caught up quickly!  

We rolled out of the driveway last Friday at 4:30 in the afternoon.  Grabbed some grub for the starving teenager in the family and hit the road for Arizona. 

Then we slammed into rush hour traffic and it took damn near an hour to go 20 miles.  It was a bit of a slow start to our road trip.

We finally broke out of the hullabaloo that is city traffic and hit the barren wasteland that is west Texas.  It was getting to be about 8:30 or so and we were looking for a place to grab some dinner and rest our weary heads.  The choices were VERY slim in this part of the country.

We finally found a blip on the map and came up on this Cooper's BBQ.  It smelled good from the parking lot.

SIDE NOTE:  We had to put Rosie the cat to sleep the day before we left on vacation.  Yes, contrary to my many public rants about the happiness it would bring me to not have a litter box in my house any more, I cried.  No one was more surprised than me.  She was 13.  It was the right thing to do.  Anyway, back to Cooper's.  We were walking across the parking lot when from the corner of my eye I catch some movement.  I glance over and I'll be damned if it wasn't a Rosie look a like.  Kinda freaky.

Cooper's was as redneck as redneck comes. There were so many stuffed dead animals on the wall it was unreal.  I mean, there were goats, snakes, coyotes, all kinds of wildlife.  Dead.  Hanging on the wall.  The best one was two raccoons sitting together in a canoe.  Is that real?  Do raccoons really row themselves around in a canoe?  I don't think so Cooper's.  You need to talk to your taxidermist.  He pulled a fast one on you. 

After our stomachs were full, we started looking for a hotel.  The GPS said the next exit with hotel was about 50 miles away. We didn't want to drive that far.  There were two choice here by Cooper's.  One was a decent looking Best Western so we headed over to see if they had any rooms.  They did not. Apparently, there was a wedding in town and the hotels were filling up fast. 

We dashed across the street to see if there were any vacancies.  The boys both said in unison "Motel 6"??  Are we staying there??

It was not a real nice Motel 6, either.  It was a bit of a dive, but we were desperate.

We honestly didn't know whether to hope that Hubby came out with a room key or not.  While we were waiting in the car, Harry slipped into full Arles mode from his school production of Tuna Christmas and was talking country like you cannot believe.  A giant truck rolled by with skull and cross bones airbrushed all over it.  I mean... ALL OVER IT.  I said "Oh my."  Harry said "I sure like your skeletons, mister."  There were trucks with fire painted on them.  It was quite the car clientele in the parking lot.   

Then we got upstairs and this nice sign was on the door.  That gives you a warm fuzzy! 

We settled in pretty quickly.

Then the first "incident" of record on our family vacation happened.  Chip went to the bathroom.  When I say "He went to the bathroom."  I mean "He pooped and it was massive and it was a problem.  A serious problem."

We had to call the front desk for help.  We did, we did, we did. 

They promptly brought us a plunger.  Does this happen to any one else??? Anyone???  Please tell me it does. 

We slept well and woke up to get back on the road...we had a long day of driving ahead of us.  The Motel 6 did not have the customary plastic laundry bag, so Hubby fashioned a dirty clothes bag out of his jeans.  He wasn't ever a Boy Scout, but you better not tell him that! 

At one point we had to strap Harry to the hood of the car.  He was fighting with Chip and one of them had to go. 

Then we let Harry back in the car and I sat in the way back with Chip.  When we crossed into Arizona, Chip reached into his backpack and pulled out his recorder.  Road Trip Rule #4....Never Ever EVER let a kid get in the car with a damn musical instrument.  How in the world he slipped this past me I will never know.  He played a little hot cross buns to celebrate crossing into Arizona and then the recorder went back in the bag. 

We had some gorgeous skies...a little sun, a little rain off in the distance as we drove into Tucson.

Pretty sunsets. 

We stopped at a hotel and they only had a king size bed, but they assured us there was a pull out sofa that could be used as a bed, so we took it.  That pull out sofa was a single.  No way it was going to sleep our two kids. 

Poor Chip had to sleep on a makeshift bed of couch cushions and a suitcase. Poor kid. 

The next morning we enjoyed the breakfast at the hotel before getting back on the road.  Chip ate three pieces of honeydew melon.  For anyone who knows the boys in my family, that is a miracle.  A major miracle.  He ate that fruit and he did not barf or choke.  He ate them!  Maybe sleeping on the floor makes a kid a bit more adventurous eater.  Yay, Chip! 

The drive from Tucson to Phoenix was a piece of cake the next morning!  Boys enjoying the local wildlife.  They have buffalos on the side of the road.  Crazy, right?

First event of the day is the World Baseball Classic....Canada vs. USA!   More pictures to come in the next post!

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  1. So sorry about Rosie. You did the right thing.
    Looks like you had a fun trip.