Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break - Day Seven

Our last full day in Phoenix started anyone surprised by this?  I am not. 

Our collection of autographed baseballs is growing.  We are going to hit the Angels home stadium in Tempe today.  It is another gorgeous morning in the desert.  

The Angels have an enormous practice facility and tons and tons of players.  It is really quite astonishing how many players are in their program at one level or another.  They had at least four fields going with about this many players on each field.  This did not include any of the big boys like Trout, Hamilton, Albert or Trumbo.  They were inside the stadium taking BP.   All of these guys are good.  To play at any level you have to be really, really good.  To make it inside the stadium and play in the big leagues takes a very rare talent.

The Angels have a really nice complex.  Although, honestly I don't think there is a bad one in the bunch.  

We watched all the activities on the practice fields until they opened the gates to the stadium.  

The boys were happy to get inside to see some of the big stars. 

They got down close where they could see them hitting the long ball for BP.

Mike Trumbo's bag.  He is a large unit.  

Here come the White Sox. 

Unfortunately, the Angels didn't sign after BP or before the game.  It was really disappointing for lots of fans who were hoping that they would stop and sign a few.  My boys were trying to get an autograph for their buddy Pootie who is a big time Angels fan and just celebrated his 13th birthday.  They thought it would make his day.  Sadly, they came up empty handed.  Sorry Pootie!  We tried!

Leading off the game was the big stud, Mike Trout.  

He hit a homer.   No big surprise.

My Chipster eating sunflower seeds.

Trout gets walked and promptly steals second.  Teams are powerless to stop this kid.  

Josh Hamilton is new to the Angels squad....leaving lots of disappointed Texas Rangers fans.  There was a shirt in the store that said "Josh Gets His Wings".  He was having a good time out in right field. He was taking aim at some pigeons with an air rifle.  Waving to the bull pen guys between batters.  Just entertaining himself.

The stadium was PACKED. Beyond packed, really.  To get to the bathroom was like being a salmon swimming upstream.  It was wall to wall people, standing, sitting, everywhere you turned.  

It warmed up again pretty quickly and we were sizzling by the time we headed back to the hotel in the afternoon.  Another afternoon of swimming, floating and throwing a water football was the perfect way to wind down the afternoon. 

I texted my friend Sheri who went to ASU and asked her if she could recommend someplace for us to eat for dinner.  She promptly emailed me back and said "The Chuckbox".  We took her up on her recommendation and we were not disappointed.  

The Chuckbox is a little joint down by the ASU campus in Tempe.  Cash Only.  You walk in and there is a flaming grill right in front of you.  You order your burger or chicken sandwich and the cook throws it on the grill.  You stand in line until your burger is ready.  It smelled divine!  

The boys LOVED their burgers and fries and my chicken sandwich was awesome as well.  The Chuckbox will definitely be a place we go back to the next time we are in Phoenix.  Thanks for the great recommendation Sheri!

We are leaving in the morning and we all feel like the week just flew by...Chip is begging to stay one more day, but we have to get on the road towards home.  It is a long 1,040 mile drive we have in front of us.

I have just a few more pictures of our last morning in Phoenix.  Already thinking about next year!  Is it too early to make reservations?

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