Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break - Day Six

We left our hotel early again to head over to Camelback to see the Dodgers and White Sox practice facility.  It is really a beautiful place. 

There is tons going on at the practice facility with lots of fields and lots of players doing different drills. 

We found a lovely spot to watch some batting practice. 

The weather is just yummy!  Just absolutely gorgeous.  

Harry soaking it all in. 

Hubby and Chip tossing the ball around a little.  Chip would rather be doing than watching.  

Don Mattingly, the manager of the Dodgers. 

Signed a baseball for Harry and Chip.  Nice guy...even if he was a Yankee. 

A gorgeous morning, but time to head to a 1:00 baseball game down the street.  

And here comes embarrassing Family Incident #3.  

We ran out of gas. 

Who does that? What are we 17?  

We are sitting at a light right in front of this QT gas station and the car just stops.  We were low on gas the night before, but it was late and Hubby decided we would get gas in the morning.  In his thrill to get to the ballpark it never occurred to him again that morning.  He looks down and says "Uh-oh, I think we ran out of gas."  WHAT????  He holds us partially responsible because no one reminded him, but I am a firm believer that the driver is responsible for checking important things like whether or not you have gas! 

I get out and walk over to the gas station to see if they have a gas can we can borrow.  They don't, but they do have one I can buy for $10.  So I buy it.  I walk out to fill it up with gas and I see two motorcycle policeman are over by our car.  I hurry to get the gas can filled and by the time I turn around, here comes the old Suburban being pushed by Hubby, Chip and a policeman.  Harry was driving.  They pushed it right into a gas pump slot.  

EMBARRASSING!!!!  Chips says "I always wondered what would happen if you ran out of gas."  I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I was that it happened on a side street right in front of a gas station instead of on the interstate.  With two motorcycle policeman right there...stopped traffic....helped push the car.  My goodness, it could have been much, much worse.  As it was, we just laughed and laughed and gave the driver a very hard time.  

For the rest of the trip, we did not get below a half a tank.   I swear it is always something with us.

We weren't even late to the game.  We rolled in there in plenty of time to see the Angels take on the Padres.

This young man....Mike Trout was the main attraction.  When I tell you that he is impressive...I mean he is impressive.  We saw him in two separate games and I think he had two triples, two doubles, a walk and a homer.  And he only played like four innings of each game.  He is the real deal and a ton of fun to watch hit and run.  Super fast.  

The Angels are not short on talent...their roster is loaded!  

Here is the Mike Trout sliding in for his first triple.  I think he has to slide just to slow himself down because there was not even a close play at third.  I almost think it could have been an in the park home run if he had kept going.  

The boys tried to get some autographs back by the player parking lot, but they were not signing.  At least the big boys weren't.  I heard someone ask one of the stadium workers "will they come back after the game and sign?"  The guys looks at him and says "only the guys that you don't know."

It was a lovely day at the ballpark regardless and by late afternoon it had warmed up significantly and we were ready for a dip in the pool.

We swam for about an hour and then played a round of putt-putt.  I came in last.  I was more entertained by the little kid that was playing behind us.  His name was Thomas.  He was three or four years old.  He would rush through his round and hurry to catch up with us.  His dad kept yelling at him to wait his turn.  After we finished we were walking back to our towels and he was right behind us.  Hubby had to stop and tell him to go wait for his family.  We almost picked us up another kiddo! 

We went out to dinner to wrap up our day.  Everyone got a little sun, but no one was sunburned.  We kept saying how fast the week was flying by.  Just one more full day in Phoenix and then it would be time to head home.

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