Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break - Day Three

The drive from Tucson to Phoenix was relatively short and allowed us to arrive in plenty of time for our first sporting event.  The World Baseball Classic game between Canada and the U.S.  It was at Chase field, which is an awesome stadium.  The weather was outstanding!! 

The boys hung out in the the outfield hoping to catch a batting practice ball, but no luck this time. 

My cutie patooties.  These next few pictures don't require any captions...just some action shots that Hubby captured during the game.  He got some good ones! 

U.S.A. wins in a close one!  I really didn't think I would care who won this game, but I was totally into it by the end!

As soon as this game was over we headed over to check into our hotel.  We have stayed at Squaw Peak several times before and we were very much looking forward to it again. This time we had a Casita, which was more like a town home. It was great.  Here are a few pictures of our unit before we unloaded all our belongings.  It was never this clean again! 

After we unloaded the car, we headed over to the pool for a quick swim.  Then off to dinner.  I think the first night in Phoenix we ate at Olive Garden and made a quick trip to Target for a few things.

After a late dinner, we hit the sack pretty early.  We had a big day on Monday morning. We were heading downtown for a college tour of Arizona State University - Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.   One of Harry's top choices.   Stay tuned for more pictures.....

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