Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break - Last Day

Our last morning in Phoenix and we didn't wake up that early!  Hurray!!!  

I snapped a quick picture of Hubby's pool wristbands that he had been sporting all week.  The lady at the pool desk said "Kids do this all the time, but you don't see many adults that collect these bands.  I like it."  I think he only did it to embarrass the boys.  

We loaded up the car and said goodbye to Squaw Peak.  We will miss you!  

On the way out of town we stopped at Salt River Fields - the home of the local Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies.  This was a brand new complex and it was my favorite! 

Apparently, the boys are not big fans of the Diamondbacks.  I didn't know that.  We headed over to the Colorado Rockies side of the park.

Cool morning.  Beautiful blue skies.  Mountains in the background.  The sound of baseball all around.  Not a bad way to spend a morning.  

Chip took his shoes off and ran on the luscious grass they have growing in the complex.  Perfect grass. Not a weed to be seen.  

This complex had a river running through it that was just a stark contrast to the dry desert conditions you get used to seeing.  It was awesome.

We watched some fun drills.  My favorite was a group of about five guys that were practicing bunting.  They were trying to bunt a ball into a five gallon bucket.  They were having so much fun.  Every time one of them would get close you would hear screaming and hollering.  Just another reminder that these are just kids who love the game of baseball.  How awesome that they get paid to play.

Harry found a ball that was hit out on our way back to the car.  Fun souvenir. 

Goodbye Salt time we are going to definitely see a game here. 

On the road again.  There is absolutely NOTHING in West Texas.  It is as barren and empty as you can imagine.  We hit this convenience store for a quick potty break because the next one might be 100 miles away.  They had a giant tee pee.  That's it.   From El Paso to Fort giant tee pee. 

And a beautiful sunset.  They did have some beautiful sunsets. 

We found a nice hotel in El Paso and ate dinner at a local spot that was really good.  The final day of driving was on Saturday and it was fairly painless.  We got home about 6:00 and had time to do a couple loads of laundry and put everything away from another awesome family vacation. 

That wraps up the pictures of our adventures.  I know we will come back to these pictures frequently to walk down memory lane.   Spring Break 2013 is over....bring on Summer!  

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