Sunday, March 3, 2013

Top Ten Tidbits

1.  Chip's basketball season is over.  He is not happy about that.  This boy loves him some basketball.  Yesterday they played two games in the end of year tournament.  The first one was against a team they were well matched with and it went down to the wire. Chip hit three 3 pointers to give the Thunder the edge and a win.  Next up, they played the Heat and the Heat put it on them.  It was not a very good game, but it was still fun.  The highlights in the second game were two 3 pointers, a ton of rebounds and my sweet Chip stopped and helped two kids get up that had been trampled underneath the basket.  Kid makes me proud.  Chip is going to miss basketball.  I will miss watching him play.

2.  I took the cat to the vet last week, thinking she was sick enough that she wouldn't be coming home.  She wasn't.  She is home.  Only $279 for them to keep her for two days, run some tests, and give her a shot.  What a deal.  Now, she is locked in the laundry room until she can prove that she knows where to go to the bathroom.  I put up a baby gate so we could keep the door open and she could see out.  She is too old to jump the baby gate.  I also took the cabinet door off of the sink cabinet and put a box and blanket in there.  We call it her condo.  She hates it.  She meows loudly to protest her confinement in the laundry room.  She is a treasure.

3.  Hubby checked Chip out of school early on Friday so they could go to the practice round of some Grand Am race that was in town.  They had a ball.  They had Krispy Kreme donuts at the track!  No school, donuts, fast, loud, cool cars.  Life is good.  I got to spend the afternoon with Harry and we went shoe shopping and to lunch.  It was nice to spend some quality time with him.  The more we talk about college and the future, the more I treasure these rare moments we have together.   On Saturday, we switched.  Hubby and Harry went to the final races and me and Chip hung out together.  We did basketball, had lunch with our friends and then hit Target for some vacation shopping.  He was a great companion for the afternoon.

4.  Speaking of moments vacation is just around the corner!  Yea!  We are heading to Arizona for spring training!  I have started gathering vacation supplies on the dining room table...towels, sunscreen, snacks, etc.  I am very much looking forward to some time away from work in a warm climate, with some baseball, swimming, lounging and relaxing.  Ahhh!  Bring on the sun!  We will be visiting one of Harry's top college contenders while we are in Arizona.  The Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.  This particular campus is in downtown Phoenix.  We are also going to tour the main campus which is about 20 minutes away.  We are getting the sports tour of the main campus and the boys are all looking forward to that!  Expect lots of pictures next week to be posted to the old blog!

5.  Work has been very busy.  Lots of projects, big and small.  Lots of changes inside the company and in our department.  Procedure changes affecting every dang thing we do on a regular basis.  Forms being updated and modified.  Chasing some big proposals. New RFPs being released.  Whew. Definitely not a part time gig lately, but I really haven't minded too much.

6.  I went to the "Welcome to Middle School" parent meeting last week at the middle school.  I cannot believe that my Chip is going to be in 6th grade next year.  How did that happen?  I was very anxious when Harry made the jump from elementary school to middle school, fear of the unknown and all that.  Riding the bus, locker rooms, changing classes, eighth graders, etc.  I am much more relaxed about the transition for Chip.  Second kid syndrome.  There were lots of first time middle school mommas were up there with their stomach in knots.  It was odd to be the one saying "It is going to be fine.  Just wait and see.  They are going to do great."

7.  Thinking about upgrading our washer and dryer.  I am just about done with the screwdriver stuffed in the hole to make the washer finish the spin cycle.  It has only been about three years with duct tape and electrical tape and something heavy sitting on top of the lid during spin cycles.  I think our set is at least eleven years old or so.  How long should a washer and dryer last anyway? I think our first set as a married couple was my parents set of about 15 years and we used it for at least 10 years.  Of course, after twenty plus years, neither unit was very efficient and took about three laps around the old dial to dry a load of towels.  I am thinking about a set of front load washer and dryers but am worried about the mildew odor that I have heard about.  Is that problem fixed in the new models?  Is it a real issue?  Is the fix to leave the door open to air out occasionally?  Love it or hate it...any comments??

8.  I just celebrated one year of improved health and butt size!  Last Sunday was the one year anniversary of walking into the door of Inspire Fitness and starting on my weight loss, healthy living journey under the watchful eye of Mr. Knowledge About the Human Body.  It has been a great year.  I am maintaining my 70+ pound weight loss and feeling awesome.  I want to lose about 15 more pounds, but don't seem to be able to find my motivation to make that happen.  Maybe bathing suit shopping will inspire me to get it done.  Why does that just fill me with dread.  Ugh!  In the meantime, I am still eating clean and making healthy food choices (just a few too many calories going in to get the needle dropping on the old scale!)  

9.  Our Daniel Bible Study is wrapping up this week.  It has been one of the harder ones we have tackled, but I have learned a lot and that is all I want.  Just to keep opening my mind and my heart to the lessons God wants to put in front of me.  I love, love, love the group of ladies we have so much.  It is beautiful thing that we can all look at it each other after it is over and go, "Huh?" or "That scares me to death!" or "I get that!"  I can't wait to start the next one.

10.  I made protein waffles yesterday for breakfast.  There were delicious and tasted like dessert instead of a nutrition, protein packed start to my day.  I think I will make this for breakfast again today!   Except with warm cinnamon apples instead of berries!  YUM!

Hope your weekend has been awesome and the week ahead is wonderful!

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  1. We bought front loaders this summer and I love them. We bought large ones and I can put 3 times as much in them as I could in my old front loaders. Sure cuts down on the laundry time! I dry the gasket and door with a cloth and leave the door open for a day before I close it. No problems with smells yet. Also the newer ones let the door rest against the machine without quite closing which is supposed to help keep the smell down.