Sunday, April 7, 2013

College Visit - Baylor

 College visit Road Trip!!!!  Harry, RV and Thomas, along with their mommas all went up to Baylor's Premier day to check out the Baylor campus.  Free shirts, breakfast and lunch!  Can't beat that! 

The three amigos. Hating the mom with a camera!  Sorry fellas.  Just get used to it. 

The first part of day started in the basketball arena. 

Peggy measuring up against Brittany Griner.  That is one tall girl.  Griner...not Peggy.

The boys found a seat and got ready to pay attention. 

The place was packed and the band was playing.  It was an excellent way to pep start the morning.  The speakers were good and we learned how to do the "Sic'em Bears" cheer!  On the downside, I damn near knocked myself unconscious when I sat down in my seat and cracked heads with the dad behind me.  I think he got it worse than me.  Ow! 

The campus is beautiful. 

We attended two Academic for Communications and the other for Journalism.  It seems Sports Broadcasting would fall somewhere between the two.  They did have some interesting technology and labs that we got to tour, but didn't really hold a candle to Arizona State. 

The cafeteria in the boys dormitory was where we decided to eat lunch.  It was huge with tons of choices and lots of good things to eat. It is an all you can eat buffet and the choices were plentiful...roasted chicken, veggies, hamburgers, hotdogs, made to order omelets, biscuits, gravy, waffles, stir fry, salads, soups, chicken fried steak, pizza, enchiladas, you name it.  No problem with eating in this place. 

Harry particularly liked this mammoth cereal bar.  

And also high on his list of things he loved.....the Ramen Eating Contest that was on the Suggestion Board for Dorm challenges.  He would rock that! 

We went to the bookstore. 

The bear pit. 

The Student Center.

Checked out the student mailboxes and post office.  

It really is a pretty campus . 

With lots of cool buildings.  

Martha is a Baylor grad and she was so helpful in pointing out the highlights. 

Isn't that beautiful?

The boys played an imaginary game of racquetball in the student center.  It was awesome with a huge weight room, racquetball, basketball, indoor pool and indoor running track. 

I could totally see Harry as a Baylor Bear, but ASU is still well out in front as his first choice.  Lots of other schools to look at so we will just keep on touring, learning as we go, trying to find the perfect fit for our Harry!  

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  1. Love me some Ramen noodles. Has harry watched The Ramen Girl? It is an adorable movie on netflix. I just loved it.