Thursday, April 11, 2013

Job Hunt

Good morning!  I am taking advantage of a bit of a quiet start to my morning to quickly give Bob and Lana a run down on what is happening in our house!  You know I am all about staying in touch with my folks now that Harry is closer to leaving than staying. Better late than never!

Harry is looking for his first job.  These days, you fill out applications on-line and not in person.  Not very personal, but very efficient.  You can fill out ten applications without leaving your house.  I have just cracked up listening to him read through and fill out the applications.  Some of them have "Terms of Employment" you are supposed to read through and click the box if you accept them. They always have another box that says "I do not accept these terms."  He just cracks up and asks why someone would be filling out the dang application if they wouldn't accept the terms of employment.

The best stuff by far however are the personality type quizzes they have with some applications.  Here is a sample of some of the questions:

1.  If your co-worker was late to work all the time, what would you do?

a.  Tell your supervisor.
b.  Talk to the employee and see if you could brainstorm some ways that they could change their schedule to arrive on time.
c.  Tell the employee that they were making it hard for all the other employees who had to cover for them when they were late.
d.  Do nothing.

2.  If a customer was very angry with the service he had received, what would you do?

a.  Tell them they were getting the same service as everyone else.
b.  Call your supervisor to deal with them.
c.  Apologize for the service and ask what you could do to make their experience better.
d.  Tell them to calm down or you will call security.

So, if you know Harry...he is just reading through them acting them all out in different voices and cracking himself up!  Quite entertaining!

He has also verified multiple times that he is not a Veteran, has not been convicted of a crime, he is permitted to work in the United States and he has absolutely no prior experience to put on any application!

Fingers crossed someone calls and gives the boy his first job!  Good times!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. How funny. No dressing up and putting yourself out there to get turned down. Boy that is right up my alley. I hope that someone hires him, cause he would be a great addition to any workplace. Lots of laughs will come their way. Let us know the lucky place that gets him.
    Love you all