Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Short and Sweet

Not going to call this Speed Round or Top Ten Tidbits...but it is really going to be the same.  Short and sweet.

  • Just moments ago, Harry called me from the living room saying "Mom, Darvish is about to pitch a perfect game!  Get in here if you want to see it!"  I walk around the corner, see the people in the crowd just absolutely nervous wrecks as he faces the last batter in the Astros lineup, screaming, cheering for him to do the almost impossible...pitch a perfect game...no walks, no hits, no errors!  I'll be damned if that number nine batter with two outs in the bottom of the ninth didn't hit a single.  I jinxed him!!!!  Love that baseball season is back! 
  • Easter was wonderful.  Thanks to the V Family for having us over for a fun afternoon! I am no longer calling that stinking rabbit The Easter Bunny...he is now The Eater Bunny!
  • Chip is obsessed with baseball at the moment.  Watching baseball "how to" videos, researching baseball training stuff, hitting 8,000 wiffle balls a day. 
  • My refrigerator is eight years old.  It is apparently an antique.  Had a repair man out to see about fixing the ice maker.  It makes ice, it just won't shoot it out the door.  For a cool $408 I can have ice shoot out the door.  That is almost half of what I paid for the fridge new.  We will be opening the door and getting the ice out by hand. 
  • Chip took his first STARR test of the year.  It is a standardized test that is pretty hard.  He said it was easy and he loved the snacks!  Cracked me up!   He probably answered Cinnamon Roll for number 13. 
  • The yellow pollen junk is back.  My black car is yellow.  Yuck! 
  • Bob and Lana are coming for a visit!  Yea! 
  • Mr. Knowledge About the Human Body sent me this today.  I think he is telling me to start eating a little cleaner:

Have a wonderful evening and a great Wednesday!

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