Thursday, April 11, 2013

Teenage Theatre Text

This afternoon I get the following text message from Harry:

Harry:  Hey Ma.  Phones got barely any juice left.  Just reminding u that I will be at rehearsal tonight.

Me:  Ok!  Thanks!

Harry:  Oh and I'm gonna miss school most of tomorrow.  The health sciences class is doing like a drill of a school shooting and I'm gonna be a guy shot in the uhhhh yeah.  Hobby checked me out for my first two periods.

Me:  Yikes!

Geez.  I am not sure I am crazy about my boy participating in a drill of a school shooting, much less that he is going to be fake shot in the chest.  My goodness.  Violent much?   Definitely not a performance I will be interested in watching.  My passionate prayer is that they will be prepared by going through the drill and that they will never, ever have to use it!

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