Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blitz Blog

1.  Bob and Lana came and conquered many, many items on the home improvement "to do" list.  That included refinishing the dining room table, fixing the downstairs toilet leak which resulted in replacing the entire toilet, painting the laundry room, helped me pick out a new washer and dryer - watching Chip play four games of baseball and that was just in a short six day visit!  We were busy and I loved having them here.

2.   Harry got a job at The Gap, then before he even started, he got a better job at Mighty Fine.  He starts work on Wednesday.  He has to wear Dickies pants and safety non-slip shoes.  He is going to look precious.

3.  The weather is spectacular.

4.  I volunteered at a food kitchen last Monday and it was the best Monday morning ever.  So enjoyed it and am going back tomorrow.  Little twelve year old kid named Jesus was also volunteering and he worked harder than anyone in that building.  I loved him.

5.  Chip rocked his Texas State Academic commended on both!  You go, boy!  He said he thinks he might be Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.   I think that is a stretch. A big, big stretch.

6.  Harry got invited to his third consecutive Academic Award presentation in High School.  Super proud of him.  Where did these kids get their smarts?  He celebrated along with some of his good buddies.

Then they were photo bombed!  Get out of there JV!

7.  Hubby has arthritis in his knee.  Doc told him to give it a rest for 6 - 8 weeks.  He does not like resting.  He has been walking instead of running and is complaining that walking hurts his hips.  Me?  I could walk all the live long day.

8.  I am starting Dr. Oz's two day cleanse tomorrow morning.  Going to clean the toxins out of all kinds of important is going to be epic.

9.  We went to see the Rangers and Red Sox with our friends the Templetons in Arlington yesterday.  The Red Sox got spanked.  It was fun anyway!  Chip and Blake photo bombed two girls sitting in front of them that were taking a picture of themselves.  The girls turned out to be teachers who were very good natured (or inebriated) and thought it was hysterical that our two boys were making funny faces behind them.  One of the girls boyfriends fist bumped the boys cause he thought it was awesome.  They asked them to do it again.  There was also a 24 inch pretzel that was a big hit with the crowd.  That is a pretzel!

10.  Giant moth by the front door.  It was no joke.  Looked like it was from the Jurassic period. That is a standard size brick that he is spanning!  Look at his antennas and his feet!  I would have beat myself to death if he had flown into my hair when I walked by.

11.  Chip's little select ball club got moved up to the next highest division.  What the heck?  We haven't even won a tournament yet!  That doesn't seem fair!  Competition will be tough.

12.  I got my hair cut and colored on Friday.  I told my girl...I come from Trailer Park country and I want my hair to look like it!  Put some big old highlights in there!  She did and I love it!

13.  I recently watched Food, Inc. and Food Matters.  It was scary, enlightening, educational and scary.  Did I say scary twice?  Yes.  Yes I did.  It was.

14.  As a result of #13, I am getting interested in Super goji berries, chia seeds, acai and wheatgrass.  I have requested a juicer for Mother's Day!  Can't wait to see what I can whip up for my boys to try.  Do you think they will try any fruit or vegetable juice?  Please vote.  I am cautiously optimistic.  For the rest of you who I am not personally able to torture with nutrition packed juices...please take a vitamin.  Seriously, at least a multi-vitamin.  AT LEAST!

15.  Chip had a field trip last Tuesday and has another one tomorrow!  Go Chip!

16.  The fellas are going to the Spurs playoff game tomorrow night.

17.  My craft lady Lakeside visit is this Wednesday.  We are painting frames.  I must get organized!

18.  I do not miss the litter box.  At all.

19.  Astro celebrated his 9th birthday last week.  He was still recovering from an overdose of bones given to him while Mer was in town, so it was a low key celebration with just some extra petting of the ears and belly.

20.  Chip has a birthday coming up this month.  His list is long.  Never a shortage of items on the wish list for the Chipster.

That is all I have for now!  Hope to get a few more pictures posted soon, but for now Hubby is home with some groceries and the new dryer is playing a tune that means...get up and get the clothes out of the dryer.  Seems to me that someone needs to invent a dryer that folds.  I would buy that.  Even if it was expensive.

Have an awesome week!

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  1. Great photo of the moth. So happy and proud for Chip and Harry for their accomplishments. Hugs to all and Happy Mother's Day!