Friday, May 10, 2013

Luckiest Mother in the World

Today, my sweet little Chip walked out of school and pulled a homemade Mother's Day card out of his backpack for me.  He said "This is the one the teacher made us write...I am going to do another one for you at home".  Well after reading this jewel, I am not sure it can possibly get any better....

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Dear Mom.  I love you so much because....well I don't feel like listing them all unless you want an infinity page card, so I will try to keep it short and sweet!

The Top 27 Reasons I Love My Mom:

1.  Your my mom.
2.  You let me juice your food.
3.  You play with me.
4.  Your funny.
5.   You help me through times of struggle.
6.  You cheer me on, on and off the baseball field.
7.  You let me do stuff I want.
8.  You help me when its 1:30 a.m. and I am hurling in your toilet multiple times (roll tide).
9.  I just do.
10.  You are always there for me.
11.  You let me have a pallet...(sometimes)
12.  Uh, you pay for clothes and all that.
13.  You are the kindest lady person I've EVER met and will meet.
14.  You love my dance moves.
15.  You have a American Idol voice p.s. (why the h*** did Angie go home?)
16. You love watching The Big Bang Theory p.s. Bazinga
17.  You are always proud of me.
18.  You are honest.
19.  You got SWAG.
20.  You ROCK!
21.  You love my b-ball tournaments.
22.  You are helping me through my health run.
23.  You don't get mad at me....HA
24. You drive me where I want to go.
25. You helped me eat a grilled chicken salad.
26.  You like it when I go "Time to juice, juice, juice, juice!"
27.  I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!!!

Sorry I ran out of room.  I asked Mrs. Harden if I could rip out all of the pages of our six dictionaries but darn it, it wouldn't be enough.




  1. That was AWESOME! it can't get better than that!!!!

  2. Chipster sure has a way with words. PRECIOUS!