Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day

Today moved kinda slow....very unusual.  I got up early and did another three mile run without stopping.  Loving how I feel while running.  It is soooooooo much easier without 70 pounds on me.  I have been cranking up some tunes and the time and miles are just passing by.

Came home and ordered some of our family pictures and worked for a while.

Trip to the grocery store.  Made the boys some sandwiches with leftover pork roast and Hawaiian rolls. It was meat on a roll.  They went ape crazy over it and ate three each.  Who knew?

Then my computer went nuts...I couldn't log on to my email.  I could get online.  All my other work applications worked just fine.  Just couldn't get the email to connect.  Frustrating.  Do you have any idea how debilitating that is for someone working from home?  It is bad.  Very bad.  I was on the phone with the help desk for about an hour.  He took over my computer from his remote location....which is the best thing that technology has ever come up with.  I love the techie people taking over my desktop and clicking all over, changing settings, while I just sit there and watch.  I had to enter my password about 28 times, but  that wasn't too hard.  He was stumped.  Then he had a last ditch long shot to try and it worked!   Woo Hoo!  Back in business.   When I finally got logged back in I just had a few emails to answer.  That was a small miracle and very appreciated.

The boys left for baseball practice and I did the dishes and made some clean banana muffins.  I think Hubby will enjoy them.

So slow moving.




Tomorrow will be crazy busy.

Glad I got to recharge today.

Thank you Hump Day!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

In Other News....

So yesterday's post was all about Chip and his summer activities....but what else has been going on around here?  Not much actually.  

Hubby went to India again.  He is accumulating some frequent flyer points like nobody's business.  I think he only lacks Antarctica and Australia to hit all the continents. 

I am trying to eat more raw.  I made this terrific cabbage slaw last week.  

Cabbage, carrots, cilantro and a zippy sesame dressing!

The slaw destroyed my kitchen.  Slicing, dicing, rising, is a mess maker.

Still favorite combo is kale, cucumber, green apple and lemon.  Delicious and makes me feel terrific.

The donations for the Lakeside Free Yard Sale are rolling in.  My dining room looks like a storage unit.

I ran almost three miles yesterday without stopping.  Felt great. Not breaking any speed records but it doesn't make me want to throw myself in front of a passing vehicle, so it is a WIN!

The whole family went swimming yesterday for couple of hours.  We had the neighborhood pool to ourselves the entire time.  It was sweet.  Got my first little sun of the summer - trying to even out that farmers tan I am sporting from baseball!

Hubby, Chip and I went bowling on Friday night.  It was way more fun than I braced myself for it to be!   We may be regular Friday night bowlers.

House cleaning to bottom and over and under.  It is way past over due!

Hope your weekend is awesome!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chip's Summer

We are doing some fun activities with Chip and some of his buddies this summer.  On Tuesday evenings several of his school pals are coming over to hang out in the cul-de-sac for a couple of hours.  Giving them some quality time to connect as they get ready to take on Middle School!  It is a great group of kids. They run, play hide and seek, shoot basketball, fill up water balloons, get drenched, eat cookies, etc.  When we came in the house last Tuesday he looked at me and said "Mom, that was better than a day at Schlitterbahn!"  That kid has some fun on Tuesday night.

On Thursdays we have been inviting his five best buddies over for the whole day and planning up lots fun stuff.  Now, if Tuesdays are better than Schlitterbahn, well Thursdays are better than Disney.  We have been having a blast!  Me included!

Here are the fellows in front of the exotic pet store.  There were snakes, tarantulas, a chicken walking around eating crickets, a lady came in holding a snake!  What?

Then we went home and pulled out some science experiments.  They had way more fun than I ever thought they would.

They made fake snow...then volcanos.  Then they piled all their volcanos together to make a giant volcano.  

Then there was vinegar and food coloring all over the place.

There were mentos and diet coke. 

Trying to get some massive explosions. Sadly, I bought Mentos gum instead of Mentos mints, so the explosions were not very spectacular.  They had a good time trying.  And they were filthy and sweaty, stinky and exhausted...just like little boys should be.  

Chip has baseball practice on Thursday evening and on the way to out to practice he thanks me over and over again for his awesome day.  He has been so appreciative and that just makes it all worthwhile.  

Speaking of baseball, here is the team on Father's Day with all the Dad's and Grandpas.  And their 2nd place trophy.  They played some good ball.  

Chip and his Daddy!  Hubby was in India for about eight days and got back just in time for Father's Day.  We were happy to have him home and glad he got to spend Father's day with the boys. 

This is Chip on the way home from the baseball game.  It was a scorcher and as soon as he sat still, had a drink and some air conditioner he was out like a light! 

This Thursday, after a raucous game of whiffle ball and lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches, I took Chip and the fellas to Blazer Tag.  They did a ropes course and then a couple rounds of laser tag.  They look like a bunch of astronauts in this picture.  They were heading up to the ropes course and there were some little girls in front of them.  All the boys were all trying to act cool like it was no big deal, but you could tell they were all a bit nervous when they got to the top.  It didn't take long before they got confident and were running all over that course!   They had a great time!  On the way back to the house they were playing all these crazy songs in the car like "This is the Best Burrito" and "Space Unicorn" and "It's Raining Tacos" about cracking each other up.  I thought Chip was going to loose it!  

I think this will be a summer that Chip looks back on with fun memories.   I know that I will. 

I think being purposeful about making plans and scheduling time away from work to spend quality time  with Chip and his friends has been so good for me.  I am not having much guilt about working long, hard hours during the summer because I know that we are going to blow it out on Tuesdays and Thursdays!   I am also getting to know Chip's friends even better.  Learn their little many sandwiches they eat (ALOT), whether they like fruit, favorite teams, favorite restaurants, etc.  I ask a lot of questions when I have them trapped in the car.  They are a funny bunch and I hope these relationships they are building last for years to come.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Fun

Summer Fun with the fellas!  We had some of Chip's friends from school over tonight!  

There was basketball, nerf guns, hide and seek and water balloons!  A fun time was had by all! 

Cute kids!  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Playing in the Rain

These kids love baseball.   So what is more fun than playing baseball on a weekend?  Playing in the rain with your friends and then getting to eat breakfast at Rudy's!   Good times!  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

What a Week!

Here is just a little bit of what we have had going on this first week of summer!  How many weeks do we have of summer?  I hope they are not all like this one! 

Harry started his summer college course on Monday.  His high school classes ended the Friday right before the Monday that college classes started.  Sorry you didn't get a break Harry!  It is just a short five weeks!  You can do it!

He also took the ACT test again this weekend. That kid is still in school!  Who are we kidding?

Also on Monday is when Pablo had his car accident.  That was a bad, bad day.  He is so much better and will be having surgery on his cheekbone this coming week.

We had a family picture made on Monday night.  Monday was slamming.  I can't wait to see the pictures and I have been stalking the photographer's web site hourly to get a sneak peek.

Tuesday was Louise's 79th birthday.  Miss her terribly.  Happy Birthday Nana!

Astro went in for a well check this week and has another ear infection.  This time they packed it with some kind of antibiotic so I don't have to chase him down to squirt something in his ear daily.  That is a welcome relief. What is up with the ear infections dog?

We have started Summer Fun Thursdays at our house for Chip and some of his buddies.  Four of them showed up this week and they played outside, we filled up water balloons for a war, went to Jumpstreet for a couple of hours, cookies and ice cream, ping pong tournament, hallway baseball.  Good fun.  No TV.  No video games.  Sweaty, tired boys.  It was great.  This week we are going to the Pinballz Arcade and doing some science experiments outside.  We are going to dump some Mentos in Diet Coke, make elephant toothpaste and fake snow and a big old giant volcano with baking soda and vinegar.  Should be another fun day.

Harry has been running the roads like a mad man.  College class in the morning, working, and then on Wednesday he spent about six hours driving all over town looking for a U.S. Flag sticker with his pals.  I don't think they ever found one. They wanted it to stick on Carlos's basketball goal.  Why, you ask?  I have no idea and they don't either.  Just something to do.

Do you know who else has also been running the roads?  Bob and Lana.  You will recall that they were on a cross country journey to Seattle to take a cruise to Alaska.  It was going to be something like a 28 day vacation.  Well, right around Idaho Lana started feeling bad.  They went to a doc in the box and they thought she had a kidney infection.  They dosed her up with an IV of antibiotics and sent her to the hotel for the night.  The next morning she felt worse so Bob and Lana trekked back to the clinic.  They gave her another dose of IV antibiotics.  They thought that would do the trick so they headed on to Oregon.  By the time they rolled into Oregon that night, Lana had a fever of 103 and was in miserable discomfort.  They found an Emergency Room and after many tests, scans and hours of waiting for results they finally diagnosed her with pneumonia and admitted her to the hospital.  She stayed for two nights.  They released her yesterday but they are out of time to make it to Seattle and the idea of getting on a boat to go into the great wilderness of Alaska is not very appealing or realistic.  It is not on Lana's bucket list to be helicoptered to the mainland after suffering a setback of pneumonia while on a cruise.  She's kind of a scaredy cat of flying and helicopters are definitely not on her list of favorite ways to travel. Thankfully, they purchased trip insurance and were able to cancel without losing their money.  They are going to slowly make their way back to Bama. 

There trip started off and it was all fun and games and we were getting pictures like this from Bob, who started calling himself the Chief.  He was spinning elaborate tales about bringing down Buffalo and shooting jack rabbits in hotels.  It was some of his best work EVER:

Then we started getting pictures like this, that were not funny at all:

So glad Lana is on the mend.  Pneumonia is nothing to fool around with!  They took great care of her in Baker City, Oregon....thank you! 

I have some cute pictures of the baseball boys playing in the rain I am going to do in a separate post, but before I leave you let me tell you what I have been eating while I have been working on this post.  Roasted Okra.  OMG.  I have never had roasted okra and when I tell you it is marvelous....I mean it is MARVELOUS.  I got fresh whole okra at the store.  Dumped the whole okra, uncut on a cookie sheet.  Drizzled a little olive oil on them, sprinkled with a little salt and a lot of pepper. Popped it into a hot 450 degree oven for 25 minutes and then gobbled it all up.  All of it.  The whole quart container.  By myself.  So, so, so, so good!  You must make it and eat it!  I thought the only way to enjoy okra was fried or in gumbo.  That is not so.  You can roast it and it is delicious!  Do it!  You won't regret it.

One final mention from this week....I wore two different flip flops to the store today.  One with bangling black beads and one white one with fake rhinestone deals.  I am losing it.

That is all for now!  Hope Monday is sweet to you!

On My Phone This Week

It has been an eventful week and I am just sitting down to veg out for a while.  I will do a separate post of all that was eventful, but for now I thought I would share some of the pictures I have taken on my phone over the last week or ten days.   I love having a camera on my phone.  

Me and Chip before a graduation party.  He is almost as tall as me.  That is not right.  

A tarantula we saw on our early morning walk.  It was on my side of the sidewalk.  I almost jumped on Martha's back.  Scared me to pieces.  Then I wanted a picture.  

Summer walking means we are starting a little later...and we are blessed with getting to see some beautiful sun rises.  Takes my breath away sometimes it is so spectacular. 

Day two of Chip's baseball tournament was rained out today.  This is him starting the "Let Us Play!  Let Us Play!" chant.  I got some great pictures of the boys playing in the rain.  They were drenched and  having a ball. 

This is the best damn nectarine I have ever eaten. I don't know if it is because I have cut back so much on sugar or whether it was just perfectly ripe or what....but explosion of deliciousness doesn't even start to describe this piece of fruit.  I have two more sitting on my kitchen counter and it is taking physical restraint to not go nosh on those right now!  

That is all!  

Hope your week has been wonderful!  

Friday, June 7, 2013

Late Afternoon Funny

I had to take my car to the dealership because it had an oil leak.  It took all the live long day to get it fixed.

That is not the funny part.

Round about 4:30 pm they finally called that it was ready for pickup.  I called Martha to see if she could run me up there. Of course, she said yes and was in my driveway in short order.

Still not the funny part.

We are driving to the car place and I reach up to get my old lady glasses off my head.  I pull not one pair of glasses from my head but two pair.

I pulled them off my head.  Looked at them surprised and said "Two!  Man, I hate getting old!"

It was very funny! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Early Morning Funny

This morning at 6:15 I was heading down the street to meet Martha for our walk.

I saw a lady on a bike.

She was wearing an orange safety vest and had on a helmet with a big light on it.

She looked like a miner riding a bike.

She was coming out of a cul-de-sac and onto the little side street I was walking on.

I was walking in the middle of the street because there are very rarely any cars on our street.  Especially that early in the morning.

I glanced at her to say Good Morning and....

there she was signaling her turn with her arm sticking straight out.

I almost laughed out loud.

It was awesome.

Ms. Safety on a bike.

I hope she had a great ride.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Chip's 5th Grade Graduation

Chip graduated from 5th grade on Thursday.  Major milestone.  No more elementary school....moving on up to Middle School.  Seems like just yesterday that I was walking him in for his first day of Kindergarten. 

Look at my boy on his "Meet the Teacher Night" that first year of Kindergarten. Cute little pumpkin.

And now he looks like the Mayor!  When did he grown into such a man-boy?  

He did not want to wear dress shoes.  It was traumatic.  He thought he looked goofy.  We assured him that he looked handsome.  He reported after the graduation ceremony that he was the only boy in fancy shoes.  I don't believe that for a second!

They had the sweetest little parade through the school and all the other classes came out and clapped for them as they walked by.

In addition, to his Promotion Certificate Chip was also awarded the American Legion Honoree Certificate.  There were 12 kids out of the 144 fifth graders that were given this honor.  We had no idea and were so proud when his name was called.

Our family!

Chip and his awesome teacher!  We love Ms. Harden!

Goodbye Fern Bluff!  For twelve consecutive years I have dropped off or picked up someone at your doors.  What an awesome elementary school and a fantastic start for our two boys.  Wonderful teachers, staff and administrators.  I love me some Bobcats! 

This is Harry with his First Grade teacher Ms. Thibodeaux!  Oh my goodness, look how he has grown! 

So, Chip was happy to graduate, but even more thrilled that it is SUMMER!!!  Woo Hoo!  Oh Yea!  Bring it on!

As you will see on the sign, they had graduation the day before the last day of school.  So we did what any sane person would do, and skipped the last day of school.  How can you graduate and then be expected to come back for another day?  That is crazy talk!

So we are off and running with summer!  Hitting the pool on the daily and I have already heard "I'm bored!" more than once.  Oy.

Happy Graduation Chip!  We are proud of you!

Goodbye May

Whew - The end of May was a whirlwind with many big events in our house!  First and foremost, my little Chipster turned eleven!  He is not so little any more!  That sweet boy was up at the crack of dawn ready to celebrate!

We had just a little family celebration on his actual birthday, but he was thrilled with his gift.

It's his first phone.  I am sure it won't be his last!   Special dinner request was Breakfast Casserole...his favorite!   He had cupcakes at school and Krispy Kreme donuts at baseball practice.  There was some definite eating going on!

Later in the week we took him and some of his buddies to play Laser Tag.  Such a nice group of boys and a good time was had by all.

Happy Birthday Chip!  You are a wonderful kid and we could not be more proud to be your parents!  Love you to the moon and back!

Another big event in our house was the Thespian Banquet...that is the Theatre kids for any of you who are not savvy about the acting community!  That would have included me prior to this year.

They had a potluck dinner and families were invited.  The kids all got dressed up.  Chip was so happy to be there and support his brother.  

I have no pictures of Harry up close because he avoided his parents like the plague for most of the evening   He tells me that is normal.  However, he looked very handsome in his blue shirt and yellow bow tie.  Kid is branching out in all things fashion!

Harry was passed down or "willed" a nerf football from one of the seniors because of his obvious obsession with all things sports.

He was then officially inducted into the Thespian Society.  He also received a Certificate for being in four productions this year.

He was also elected as an officer of the Thespian Club for next year.  He is the Public Relations Director of the Thespian Troupe.  Sounds official, doesn't it?

No idea what his duties will be, but surely someone will tell him.

Great group of kids he will be working with next year!  In fact, they are starting to meet already to begin making plans.  It should be an awesome year! 

Finally, Harry was selected as one of the Outstanding Theatre Students and he got a little trophy.   When his teacher was doing the introduction of the kid he was selecting he said something like....we all know him by two little words....ROLL TIDE!

It was a fun evening and there are some very talented kids in this bunch!   They are so charismatic, well-spoken, charming and down right funny!  I can't wait to see what they do next year!   So proud of you Harry for taking a leap and getting involved.  I think this is definitely your niche and we love watching you perform.

We had one other major event and that was our Chip graduating from 5th grade!  I am going to do that in a separate post!   Coming Soon!