Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chip's Summer

We are doing some fun activities with Chip and some of his buddies this summer.  On Tuesday evenings several of his school pals are coming over to hang out in the cul-de-sac for a couple of hours.  Giving them some quality time to connect as they get ready to take on Middle School!  It is a great group of kids. They run, play hide and seek, shoot basketball, fill up water balloons, get drenched, eat cookies, etc.  When we came in the house last Tuesday he looked at me and said "Mom, that was better than a day at Schlitterbahn!"  That kid has some fun on Tuesday night.

On Thursdays we have been inviting his five best buddies over for the whole day and planning up lots fun stuff.  Now, if Tuesdays are better than Schlitterbahn, well Thursdays are better than Disney.  We have been having a blast!  Me included!

Here are the fellows in front of the exotic pet store.  There were snakes, tarantulas, a chicken walking around eating crickets, a lady came in holding a snake!  What?

Then we went home and pulled out some science experiments.  They had way more fun than I ever thought they would.

They made fake snow...then volcanos.  Then they piled all their volcanos together to make a giant volcano.  

Then there was vinegar and food coloring all over the place.

There were mentos and diet coke. 

Trying to get some massive explosions. Sadly, I bought Mentos gum instead of Mentos mints, so the explosions were not very spectacular.  They had a good time trying.  And they were filthy and sweaty, stinky and exhausted...just like little boys should be.  

Chip has baseball practice on Thursday evening and on the way to out to practice he thanks me over and over again for his awesome day.  He has been so appreciative and that just makes it all worthwhile.  

Speaking of baseball, here is the team on Father's Day with all the Dad's and Grandpas.  And their 2nd place trophy.  They played some good ball.  

Chip and his Daddy!  Hubby was in India for about eight days and got back just in time for Father's Day.  We were happy to have him home and glad he got to spend Father's day with the boys. 

This is Chip on the way home from the baseball game.  It was a scorcher and as soon as he sat still, had a drink and some air conditioner he was out like a light! 

This Thursday, after a raucous game of whiffle ball and lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches, I took Chip and the fellas to Blazer Tag.  They did a ropes course and then a couple rounds of laser tag.  They look like a bunch of astronauts in this picture.  They were heading up to the ropes course and there were some little girls in front of them.  All the boys were all trying to act cool like it was no big deal, but you could tell they were all a bit nervous when they got to the top.  It didn't take long before they got confident and were running all over that course!   They had a great time!  On the way back to the house they were playing all these crazy songs in the car like "This is the Best Burrito" and "Space Unicorn" and "It's Raining Tacos" about cracking each other up.  I thought Chip was going to loose it!  

I think this will be a summer that Chip looks back on with fun memories.   I know that I will. 

I think being purposeful about making plans and scheduling time away from work to spend quality time  with Chip and his friends has been so good for me.  I am not having much guilt about working long, hard hours during the summer because I know that we are going to blow it out on Tuesdays and Thursdays!   I am also getting to know Chip's friends even better.  Learn their little many sandwiches they eat (ALOT), whether they like fruit, favorite teams, favorite restaurants, etc.  I ask a lot of questions when I have them trapped in the car.  They are a funny bunch and I hope these relationships they are building last for years to come.  

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  1. Dang, I wish I was your kid! You are such an awesome mom!!!