Saturday, June 1, 2013

Goodbye May

Whew - The end of May was a whirlwind with many big events in our house!  First and foremost, my little Chipster turned eleven!  He is not so little any more!  That sweet boy was up at the crack of dawn ready to celebrate!

We had just a little family celebration on his actual birthday, but he was thrilled with his gift.

It's his first phone.  I am sure it won't be his last!   Special dinner request was Breakfast Casserole...his favorite!   He had cupcakes at school and Krispy Kreme donuts at baseball practice.  There was some definite eating going on!

Later in the week we took him and some of his buddies to play Laser Tag.  Such a nice group of boys and a good time was had by all.

Happy Birthday Chip!  You are a wonderful kid and we could not be more proud to be your parents!  Love you to the moon and back!

Another big event in our house was the Thespian Banquet...that is the Theatre kids for any of you who are not savvy about the acting community!  That would have included me prior to this year.

They had a potluck dinner and families were invited.  The kids all got dressed up.  Chip was so happy to be there and support his brother.  

I have no pictures of Harry up close because he avoided his parents like the plague for most of the evening   He tells me that is normal.  However, he looked very handsome in his blue shirt and yellow bow tie.  Kid is branching out in all things fashion!

Harry was passed down or "willed" a nerf football from one of the seniors because of his obvious obsession with all things sports.

He was then officially inducted into the Thespian Society.  He also received a Certificate for being in four productions this year.

He was also elected as an officer of the Thespian Club for next year.  He is the Public Relations Director of the Thespian Troupe.  Sounds official, doesn't it?

No idea what his duties will be, but surely someone will tell him.

Great group of kids he will be working with next year!  In fact, they are starting to meet already to begin making plans.  It should be an awesome year! 

Finally, Harry was selected as one of the Outstanding Theatre Students and he got a little trophy.   When his teacher was doing the introduction of the kid he was selecting he said something like....we all know him by two little words....ROLL TIDE!

It was a fun evening and there are some very talented kids in this bunch!   They are so charismatic, well-spoken, charming and down right funny!  I can't wait to see what they do next year!   So proud of you Harry for taking a leap and getting involved.  I think this is definitely your niche and we love watching you perform.

We had one other major event and that was our Chip graduating from 5th grade!  I am going to do that in a separate post!   Coming Soon!

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  1. Big Congrats to Chip and Harry!!! You and Brian have raised two outstanding young men. So happy for you.