Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day

Today moved kinda slow....very unusual.  I got up early and did another three mile run without stopping.  Loving how I feel while running.  It is soooooooo much easier without 70 pounds on me.  I have been cranking up some tunes and the time and miles are just passing by.

Came home and ordered some of our family pictures and worked for a while.

Trip to the grocery store.  Made the boys some sandwiches with leftover pork roast and Hawaiian rolls. It was meat on a roll.  They went ape crazy over it and ate three each.  Who knew?

Then my computer went nuts...I couldn't log on to my email.  I could get online.  All my other work applications worked just fine.  Just couldn't get the email to connect.  Frustrating.  Do you have any idea how debilitating that is for someone working from home?  It is bad.  Very bad.  I was on the phone with the help desk for about an hour.  He took over my computer from his remote location....which is the best thing that technology has ever come up with.  I love the techie people taking over my desktop and clicking all over, changing settings, while I just sit there and watch.  I had to enter my password about 28 times, but  that wasn't too hard.  He was stumped.  Then he had a last ditch long shot to try and it worked!   Woo Hoo!  Back in business.   When I finally got logged back in I just had a few emails to answer.  That was a small miracle and very appreciated.

The boys left for baseball practice and I did the dishes and made some clean banana muffins.  I think Hubby will enjoy them.

So slow moving.




Tomorrow will be crazy busy.

Glad I got to recharge today.

Thank you Hump Day!

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