Sunday, June 23, 2013

In Other News....

So yesterday's post was all about Chip and his summer activities....but what else has been going on around here?  Not much actually.  

Hubby went to India again.  He is accumulating some frequent flyer points like nobody's business.  I think he only lacks Antarctica and Australia to hit all the continents. 

I am trying to eat more raw.  I made this terrific cabbage slaw last week.  

Cabbage, carrots, cilantro and a zippy sesame dressing!

The slaw destroyed my kitchen.  Slicing, dicing, rising, is a mess maker.

Still favorite combo is kale, cucumber, green apple and lemon.  Delicious and makes me feel terrific.

The donations for the Lakeside Free Yard Sale are rolling in.  My dining room looks like a storage unit.

I ran almost three miles yesterday without stopping.  Felt great. Not breaking any speed records but it doesn't make me want to throw myself in front of a passing vehicle, so it is a WIN!

The whole family went swimming yesterday for couple of hours.  We had the neighborhood pool to ourselves the entire time.  It was sweet.  Got my first little sun of the summer - trying to even out that farmers tan I am sporting from baseball!

Hubby, Chip and I went bowling on Friday night.  It was way more fun than I braced myself for it to be!   We may be regular Friday night bowlers.

House cleaning to bottom and over and under.  It is way past over due!

Hope your weekend is awesome!

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