Sunday, June 9, 2013

On My Phone This Week

It has been an eventful week and I am just sitting down to veg out for a while.  I will do a separate post of all that was eventful, but for now I thought I would share some of the pictures I have taken on my phone over the last week or ten days.   I love having a camera on my phone.  

Me and Chip before a graduation party.  He is almost as tall as me.  That is not right.  

A tarantula we saw on our early morning walk.  It was on my side of the sidewalk.  I almost jumped on Martha's back.  Scared me to pieces.  Then I wanted a picture.  

Summer walking means we are starting a little later...and we are blessed with getting to see some beautiful sun rises.  Takes my breath away sometimes it is so spectacular. 

Day two of Chip's baseball tournament was rained out today.  This is him starting the "Let Us Play!  Let Us Play!" chant.  I got some great pictures of the boys playing in the rain.  They were drenched and  having a ball. 

This is the best damn nectarine I have ever eaten. I don't know if it is because I have cut back so much on sugar or whether it was just perfectly ripe or what....but explosion of deliciousness doesn't even start to describe this piece of fruit.  I have two more sitting on my kitchen counter and it is taking physical restraint to not go nosh on those right now!  

That is all!  

Hope your week has been wonderful!  

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  1. EeeccccK! Trannnntula! Oh, no... He was a biggin!