Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wrapping up July

My goodness, where has this month gone!!  I can't hardly believe we jump into August on Thursday of this week!  ACK!!!

Highlights from the last couple of days:

1.  I got my hair cut off.  It is short and I love it.  Really, really love it.

2.  Hubby and I went to a little Happy Hour with some friends in the neighborhood on Friday night.  I drank several glasses of wine.  I felt like I was detoxing the remainder of the weekend.

3.  Chip had his annual EEG this morning to see if he has outgrown his Epilepsy!  They asked for him to show up with clean, dry hair - no sugar in the morning and sleep deprived.  He was limited to no more than six hours of sleep.  Making sure Chip was sleep deprived means we are all sleep deprived.  He was able to fall asleep during the EEG, which is kind of important.  Fingers crossed that this is the year he is free and clear and can stop taking his medication.

4.  Today, Harry hit the "Submit" button on two college applications.  One was submitted to Arizona State University and other went to the University of Alabama.  Now we wait.  I still can't believe this is happening.

5.  We went to war on the backyard bushes again.  It involved an ax.

6.  We have a big time relocation going on upstairs.  Chip is moving into the guest room.   The guest room is going into Chip's old room. Harry's bed is moving into Chip's new room.  Chip's old bed is moving into Harry's room.  Harry wants to downsize his bed and upsize his man cave motif.  Chip has big plans for his new room with awesome ways to display his trophies, lego sets and sports junk.  It is going to go down over the next couple of weeks.  There will be pictures.

7.  I painted the baseboards in my master bathroom.  They needed it desperately.  It felt like a major accomplishment.  I love the smell of paint.  

8.  School starts in about four weeks.

9.  The neighborhood association sent us a nasty letter via certified mail telling us to get our portable basketball goal out of the street.  Stupid rules.  Hubby loves dragging it up and down the driveway on the daily.

10.  Chad is putting me on a new eating plan.  I need a new eating plan.  I will fill you in on all the details when I get them figured out.

11.  Bob and Lana are drinking kale on the regular.  Way to go.

Hope your evening is spectacular!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Land Speed Record

This morning, during our regular walking route me and Martha ran a mile.

As fast as we could. 

Just because we can. 

Actually, I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I would like to run a mile in the nine minute range. 

We decided to give it a whirl this week. 

Monday we had way too much catching up to do to stop talking and just run.  

Our mile was pretty lame. 

Today, we took off fast and stayed fast. 

At least it felt fast.  

It was downhill, so that helped.

I actually brought my headphones so I could listen to music and drown out the heavy panting coming out of my mouth. 

It is kind of unsettling to hear yourself gasping for air. 

Anyway, after we cruised down a hill like two gazelles I yell out to Martha "How far have we gone?"  

She says "Point six!" 

I said "Are you shittin' me?  Only .6?   I can't keep this pace."

Martha smiles. 

We kept going.  

Maybe not as fast, but still pretty steady. 

Martha signals me when we get to the one mile mark.  

I am a sweaty mess.  

So happy to stop. 

I love stopping.

I ask Martha how we did.  

She says "9.33!" 

I screamed in celebration!   Arms shoot up in the air!   WOO HOO!  

I probably woke some neighbors.  

We did it!  Just the second attempt and we cruised in at 9.33!  

Here is a picture of my sweaty, red face of jubilation!   

Matt, if you blow this picture up it shows 9.43 on the screen - but that was for 1.06.  

The mile segment was 9.33!  

It was thrilling!  

We are trying to figure out what we are going to do next.  

Try to go faster?

Slow down and go further?  

Probably slow down and try to run for distance. 

But this challenge was fun.  

I am still surprised that we did it on the second try.  

Today was a good day! 

Vacation Photos - Turner Field

On our last morning in Atlanta we headed back over for a stadium tour of Turner Field.  If you have never done a stadium tour, I would highly recommend it.  Very interesting.  We arrived early to get a picture of the boys by the Hank Aaron 715 Memorial Wall.  It is in a parking lot at the new stadium - which exactly where the wall was in the old stadium.  Pretty cool. 

Always a thrill for baseball fans to get in the dugout.

Chip photo bombing his brother.  Nice job.

Back inside we spent some time in the Braves Museum.  Callie was enjoying her time with Harry.

We were done by 10:00 or so and time to hit the road.  We were leaving the next morning to return home to Texas.  We had drive in front of us to get back to The Bad Farm and some packing to do!

Oh dear!  The boys gathered their things in record time so they went to yet another baseball game.  The Huntsville Stars baseball game. They love this stadium because it is always so empty.  They have the run of the place.  And there are snacks.  It is all good.

That wraps up our vacation pictures.  Thanks goodness, right?

We had a great time and it was awesome to NOT be working and to spend time with family.  But for me anyway...it is always good to be home!

Vacation Photos - Atlanta

The next day of our vacation continued in the heart of downtown Atlanta.  We went to the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca Cola.   They share a concourse so it could not have been any more convenient.  

Here are some pictures of the sea life. We had an abundance to choose from for this blog.

Chip in with the penguins.

My boys are so helpful.  Always eager to teach on any subject.  This day it was Beluga Whales.

This picture is from a "Behind the Scenes" tour we took. It was really excellent.

JELLYFISH!  This is the same one that wrapped around my leg in Virginia Beach when I was seven.  I swear it is!

So the Atlanta Aquarium is terrific.  You should go by there if you are in the area.

The World of Coca-Cola was interesting, but they trap you in exhibits.  I did not like that.  Not one little bit.

Next up.  Guess what we did?  You will never get this?  Or maybe you will.

We went to a baseball game.

An Atlanta Braves game to be exact.

Are you shocked?

Me either.

It was a beautiful night for baseball and we were lucky enough to be there on Dale Murphy night.  Do you remember Dale Murphy?  What a great fellow he was.  He was a big name when the Braves were America's team.  What a sweetie.  He was very touched.

It was a really good game.  So good in fact that Chip ditched his Blue Jays and adopted the Braves as his new favorite team.  I like the Braves too.  At least more than the Blue Jays.  And they were Papa Joe's team so that just makes it feel right!  

This was a busy, busy day and we saw a lot of sights.  We have one more thing to do before we head back to The Bad Farm.  

I will post pictures of that next! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Vacation Photos - Georgia Visit

After our tour of the University of Alabama we headed over to Athens, GA to get a college visit in at the University of Georgia.  After the rain passed it was actually a lovely day for a tour! 

Callie and Chip were left to their own devices and that included a trip to GiGi's cupcakes!

Nice welcome by the Bulldogs.

Again, the campus was large and gorgeous.

At the end of the day, Harry didn't think this would be a good fit for him so no need to record any comments or thoughts.  I was a nice visit to a great school, but just not for Harry.

We hit up a local restaurant called Clocked and it was yummy.  Had a basil jalapeno dip for their french fries that was out of sight!  Chip spilled his entire drink in his lap and it required a wardrobe change.  Good thing we had a suitcase full of clothes.

Leaving Athens, Hubby wanted to run by Royston, GA for a quick peek at the Ty Cobb Museum.  It was about an hour or so out of the way but well worth it for these sports fanatics.

Next up, we managed to catch a Gwinnett Braves Minor League ball game.  It was raining hard when we arrived and there was a rain delay, but we were persistent and waited it out.

We did enjoy some Baseball Bingo and racked up some prizes.  Me and Callie were getting a little overwhelmed marking all the Bingo cards we were watching.  We may have sent Chip to the prize table with a couple of cards that were marked incorrectly.  It wasn't embarrassing at all for him.

So a busy and productive day in Georgia.   Headed to Hotlanta next!