Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Land Speed Record

This morning, during our regular walking route me and Martha ran a mile.

As fast as we could. 

Just because we can. 

Actually, I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I would like to run a mile in the nine minute range. 

We decided to give it a whirl this week. 

Monday we had way too much catching up to do to stop talking and just run.  

Our mile was pretty lame. 

Today, we took off fast and stayed fast. 

At least it felt fast.  

It was downhill, so that helped.

I actually brought my headphones so I could listen to music and drown out the heavy panting coming out of my mouth. 

It is kind of unsettling to hear yourself gasping for air. 

Anyway, after we cruised down a hill like two gazelles I yell out to Martha "How far have we gone?"  

She says "Point six!" 

I said "Are you shittin' me?  Only .6?   I can't keep this pace."

Martha smiles. 

We kept going.  

Maybe not as fast, but still pretty steady. 

Martha signals me when we get to the one mile mark.  

I am a sweaty mess.  

So happy to stop. 

I love stopping.

I ask Martha how we did.  

She says "9.33!" 

I screamed in celebration!   Arms shoot up in the air!   WOO HOO!  

I probably woke some neighbors.  

We did it!  Just the second attempt and we cruised in at 9.33!  

Here is a picture of my sweaty, red face of jubilation!   

Matt, if you blow this picture up it shows 9.43 on the screen - but that was for 1.06.  

The mile segment was 9.33!  

It was thrilling!  

We are trying to figure out what we are going to do next.  

Try to go faster?

Slow down and go further?  

Probably slow down and try to run for distance. 

But this challenge was fun.  

I am still surprised that we did it on the second try.  

Today was a good day! 

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  1. I am so very proud of you and Martha. You do amaze me. Keep it up. Maybe run it up hill oh my did I just say that.
    Love mer