Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vacation Photos - Atlanta

The next day of our vacation continued in the heart of downtown Atlanta.  We went to the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca Cola.   They share a concourse so it could not have been any more convenient.  

Here are some pictures of the sea life. We had an abundance to choose from for this blog.

Chip in with the penguins.

My boys are so helpful.  Always eager to teach on any subject.  This day it was Beluga Whales.

This picture is from a "Behind the Scenes" tour we took. It was really excellent.

JELLYFISH!  This is the same one that wrapped around my leg in Virginia Beach when I was seven.  I swear it is!

So the Atlanta Aquarium is terrific.  You should go by there if you are in the area.

The World of Coca-Cola was interesting, but they trap you in exhibits.  I did not like that.  Not one little bit.

Next up.  Guess what we did?  You will never get this?  Or maybe you will.

We went to a baseball game.

An Atlanta Braves game to be exact.

Are you shocked?

Me either.

It was a beautiful night for baseball and we were lucky enough to be there on Dale Murphy night.  Do you remember Dale Murphy?  What a great fellow he was.  He was a big name when the Braves were America's team.  What a sweetie.  He was very touched.

It was a really good game.  So good in fact that Chip ditched his Blue Jays and adopted the Braves as his new favorite team.  I like the Braves too.  At least more than the Blue Jays.  And they were Papa Joe's team so that just makes it feel right!  

This was a busy, busy day and we saw a lot of sights.  We have one more thing to do before we head back to The Bad Farm.  

I will post pictures of that next! 

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