Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vacation Photos - University of Alabama Visit

I posted the Bad Farm pictures without any written description (I mean what can you say about a guy walking a goat?) - but I am going to try to write up a little bit about our visit to the University of Alabama so I can refresh our memory when it is time to submit college applications. 

First of is the University of Alabama.  Deeply loved for their college football program by our family.  We love the Crimson Tide and college football season always gets us jazzed, even when we aren't that good.  There is just not a better place to be than Bryant Denny Stadium on a College Football Saturday.  ROLL TIDE! 

So, we go in knowing that we love the Tide, but what about the school.  Could this be a fit for Harry?  We signed up for a tour and went in with an open mind. 

Our tour guides were really good and it turned out that one was from Huntsville and the other was the nephew of a guy that Hubby used to work with at Intergraph.  Small world.

The campus is gorgeous.  Huge trees.  Huge grassy areas.  Beautiful buildings.  

Denny Chimes. 

Me and Harry heading to Reese Phifer Hall - the Communications Building.  It is very close to the stadium.

Isn't it pretty?

Look at the back of the central.  Need a satellite?  It would be found here.

The Student Rec Center was an outstanding facility.  They are building a new second recreation facility that will be ready in Fall of 2014.  Just when Harry would head to college.  They talked about all the intramural sports on campus including Battleship.  It is a game where a two teams in canoes get in the Olympic Size Pool.  They have to splash and try to sink the other teams canoe before their own sinks.  How fun does that sound?  

When we met with the Communications Advisor, she gave Harry the four year plan for broadcasting.  She showed him where in the timeline of classes he would have to pick to specialize in Sports or News Broadcasting.  He wants Sports all the way. She told him that if he picked sports he could further narrow down his sport of choice and the professors would help him focus his study in that area.

She said that lots of the Broadcast kids participate in the active Theatre program at Alabama to get more practice in front of an audience.  That is right down Harry's alley.

They have a television and radio station that Communications students can work on.  It is a legit television station that is broadcast to the local area.

One of the professors was helping us find the adviser's room (since we looked a little lost) and he was so interested and engage.  Talking Harry up a bit.  Telling him what a great Communications program they had at Alabama.  Made quite an impression.

We walked out of there and Harry was very jazzed.  He loved everything about it.  He ranked it right up with Arizona State University.  We have another contender here people.

Then we went to Krystals.  AGAIN!  Harry ate 36 Krystal burgers in the first four days of our vacation.  I had no idea.  He was picking them up every time he went somewhere.  I banned them for the remainder of our visit.  Kid is going to have a heart attack before he gets a chance to apply for college.

Callie, Malarie and Chip had gone to see a movie while we were on the tour. That was so helpful!

We met with them after the movie and then we got on the road to Athens Georgia.  Visiting the University of Georgia while we are in the neighborhood.

What the heck kind of pants is Callie wearing?  She wore these to the movie!   We tried to keep her in the car, but she kept getting out!  Those are some Portuguese pants if ever I have seen any.  Louise would have been proud! 

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