Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vacation Recap Blitz

1.  We visited Alabama for vacation over the 4th of July. Some highlights of our time in Bama:  Rain.  A lot of rain.  Cool temps.  Hummingbirds.  Pictures of hummingbirds.  So many damn hummingbirds.  Hubby on a ladder in the middle of the yard taking pictures of hummingbirds.  Really?  A rented inflatable water the hell are we going to get this thing set up?  Kids from 7 to 27 having a ball on the water slide.  Dead seal.  Ever heard of it?  No?  Created by Drew.  It is an epic water slide pose.  I dominated water volleyball.  Not really.  I was awful.  I got spiked in the face more than once.

2.  After some special time with family, we kidnapped Callie and hit the road for a college visit at the University of Alabama.  The tour was great.  We heard lots of Roll Tides and that is just easy on the ears.  The campus is gorgeous. Very southern.  Big trees.  Beautiful buildings.  Humongous Rec Center.  The Communications advisor really peaked Harry's interest and U of A may be a top contender.  Right up there with Arizona State. We shall see.

3.  Side trip to the tiny town of Royston to visit the Ty Cobb Museum.  Tiny but interesting.

4.  Headed east to visit the University of Georgia in Athens.  Arrived in a raging downpour.  More dang rain.

5.  Woke to a beautiful day and an interesting tour of Georgia.  It didn't quite fit Harry's interest, but me and Hubby are thinking that we might just travel the country and do college tours when we retire.  They are so interesting. You get lots of the university's history and they hit all the highlights.  Kind of fun.  Callie was kind enough to entertain Chip during the tours and that was an awesome help!

6.  Next up was a minor league baseball game.  Gwinnett Braves.  Rain delay.  Anyone seeing a theme here?  We waited it out so we could play baseball bingo.  It finally let up and they were able to start the game.  We won all kinds of mess at baseball bingo.  Harry scored an autograph from baseball great Phil Niekro.

7.  The next day we hit the Atlanta Aquarium.  Great aquarium.  Took a behind the scenes tour at the aquarium that was very interesting and we enjoyed it very much.  We saw whale sharks.  We have almost as many pictures of whale sharks as we do of hummingbirds.  Me thinks that Hubby may be training to be a National Geographic photographer or something.  He is hard core.  If there are any marine scientist out there that need 103 different angled shots of a whale shark...give me a holler.  We have something that might interest you.

8. We then walked across the courtyard and visited the World of Coca-Cola.  I wasn't a huge fan.  My main complaint....they kind of trap you in different presentation areas and it was a little unsettling.  Doors shutting behind you and not opening in front of you.  No likey.  Chip on the other hand was a HUGE fan of the tasting area.  EVERY kind of coke ever problem.  He was in CandyLand!

9.  Next up, we went to a Braves games.  It was a gorgeous night for baseball and it was a really good game.  It was a special night commemorating the career of Dale Murphy.  We got a bobble head.  In fact, we got three.  Harry made us stay the whole game down to the last out.  Chip went into the stadium a BlueJays fan and walked out of there a Braves fan.  The stadium was terrific and that Craig Kimbrel is a pitching machine.

10.  If that wasn't enough we took a tour of Turner Field the next morning.  It was fun.  We got so spend some time in the Museum watching some old clips of Braves baseball.  Back in the days of Bob Horner and Dale Murphy.  The Braves were America's Team back in the day.

Other items of interest from our trip:  Harry ate 36 Krystal Burgers while we were on vacation; the boys went to the Championship Indoor Football game that was won by the Huntsville Hammers; the boys also went to a Huntsville Stars baseball game.  I did not go to either of those games, but I did go in to work one day.  Got to visit all my work peeps.  Had some good meetings.  Shook some new hands.  I did a juicing demonstration at my parents.  Bob damn near had a heart attack when he went to the store to pick up some organic fruits and veggies.  A duck went missing on the Bad Farm.  We saw a coyote. The boys both had two bathing suits to wear.  They did not wear them.  They constantly got soaked in their clothes.  I did a ton of laundry.  Harry now has a personal vendetta against Applebees.  It has something to do with some Honey Mustard dressing that was on his sandwich.  He will never darken their door again.  We ate at a place in Athens called Clocked.  It was yummy.  Then Chip spilled his giant root beer in his lap.  That was not yummy.  I wore all but one pair of the shoes I took on the trip.  I feel justified.  Hubby's frequent flying has paid off in travel perks.

That is all.  It was a great trip!


  1. WOW great, but very busy vacation. LLL from TN aka Reader#3

  2. Whirlwind trip. Sounds exhausting but fun. Please send me some of hubby's photos, I like seeing shots at all angles. Please, please send a photo album to me. Thanks