Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

Today is a big day at our house.  Not only is the first day of school, but it is the LAST first day of Harry's high school career.  He is a Senior this year and will be graduating next May.  

Someone get me some tissue, please!  I mean, maybe I should buy stock in Kleenex this year.  I seriously got teared up this morning watching him drive off to school.  I am sure this is the first of many such days.  

Once he was out of sight I did what any mother would do...I wiped my tears and started hunting for a picture of him from the first day of Kindergarten. 

Work?  What Work?  I have Kindergarten pictures to sort through.

Will you just look at this little pumpkin with his sweet little face and jean shorts?  I mean, look at him.  Have you ever seen a kid so dadgum cute??   I want to just eat him up!   

Here he is this morning!  A Senior.  

He applied to two colleges in late July and has already received an acceptance letter from the University of Alabama.  In fact, he also received a nice little academic scholarship offer from Alabama.  Let's get a little Roll Tide for that!  So proud of this kid.

He is still waiting to hear back from Arizona State University and then he will have some decisions to make.  For now we are just going to slow down and savor this senior year.  Day by day.  Moment by moment!  Big Man on Campus!  Parking in the Senior Parking Lot!  Leaving school for lunch!  Two off periods!  Does it get any better than that? 

AND if that wasn't enough, there is more HUGE little Chipster started 6th Grade... A middle schooler!!!  Riding the bus.....carrying his trombone!  I think he is the first on either side of the family to play in band.  I hear it is kind of hard on the ears for the first month or so, but gets better really quickly!   He is very musical so I have a feeling we will be hearing sweet trombone sounds sooner rather than later!  

He was super charged up for school this morning!  Up early.  In the shower.  Breakfast eaten and completely dressed about 40 minutes before the bus came. We went over all the reminders...take your trombone to the Band Hall....put your backpack in your locker, but carry your ride the Beaver Bus....get on here...get off there....if you miss the bus call me...

He is going to ROCK the 6th grade!  

So for the first time in 13 years I have no one to pick up from school at 2:45 in the afternoon.  It will be a big change for me and I will miss that little bit of our routine.  You can learn a lot about a kids day in a seven minute car ride home!  Instead, this year I will be standing at the front door with a big hug when they come home so they can tell me all about their day!  They will probably hate that!!!   

Have an awesome day !  

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