Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In Other News.....

I am on a blogging roll these last few days!  Bob and Lana sent me the sweetest emails telling me how much they look forward to my blogs and hearing about our adventures and what is happening with the boys.  Makes me want to be more consistent.  Makes me want to be a better blogger.

So, nothing particularly exciting happened today.  So "In Other News" should really be "There is No Other News".  So here is a little bit of our ordinary Tuesday.

My neighbor Karen, who is no longer my neighbor cause she moved away, dropped by for a visit this morning.  We grabbed a cup of coffee and caught up a little bit.  Her oldest daughter got engaged tonight.  Exciting times in their house - or more correctly "their temporary lake house while they wait to build a house" house.  It was great to see her.

My partner in crime at work is out on vacation for two weeks.  Two weeks!!  She has gone to Colorado for her niece's wedding so I am trying desperately to keep everything in the air.  She assigned some of her regular duties to some of our local folks in the Bama office, so that has been helpful.  I am just trying to keep things organized and moving in the right direction.  That may not sound hard, but it is!  I have done 2 days...only 8 more work days to go!  I am counting them down.

Harry has an off period in the morning so he didn't have to be at school until 10:30 a.m.  How awesome is that?  Pretty sweet!  However, he then had to work tonight so I saw him for exactly 7.9 minutes this afternoon after school.  I handed him a grilled cheese sandwich, a gatorade and told him to be careful!   He should be home momentarily and I will get to catch up on his day.

Chip brought home his trombone and had to practice for twenty minutes today.  He just blew through the mouthpiece making a farting noise, but he was using a metronome (whatever that is) to keep his beat.  First day and he already looked like he knew what the heck he was doing.   Then he showed me this dance they are learning in P.E.  I said 'You are dancing in PE?'  He said "Yeah, and I am rocking that dance!"  Just cracks me up!   So things are going well in Middle School.

Tomorrow should be more of the same!

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!


  1. Please send us a video of Chip blowing the horn. Love the dance thing at school. I watch... So You Think You Can Dance and of course Dancing With The Stars. Love to watch them dance. Be neat if Chip takes after Bob in the dance department. LOL!

  2. Chip has a long way to go before he can dance like the Chief. Thanks for yet another blog. Really makes the day for two old folks in Alabama.